1. She’s right, have PTSD myself and can’t do any type of flower with high thc, only trace amounts. If there’s a lot of cbd it can throw me into a real bad panic state

  2. I'm on a good amount of meds for panic disorder but would like to try to wean off my meds and utilize these ladies instead! I know you aren't a doctor, but do you know if the ladies mix well with medications? Have you heard of anyone using your CBD products along with meds? Thanks so much!

  3. How long does an order uselly take after placing the order. I ordered a week ago an just wanna know when I should expect it. Thank u!! Love you videos! I follow u on instagram an tiktok

  4. Hello, I am looking to get your abacus cbd pod so I can move away from thc for relief from my anxiety but also to help me stay focused. Are the pens refillable/ rechargeable? And would that be a good recommendation? Thank you!

  5. I’m a little confused when you say they only have 0.3% thc. Does that mean all your plants are mostly cbd and none of them give you the high? Or is it only the cbd products that are federally legal?

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