Chatter #217 – Alan Robinson (NI Cannaguy) on CBD, Legalisation And Medicinal Marijuana In The UK

Why can’t we get medicinal marijuana in the UK? The UK accounts for 70% of the export market around the world for medical cannabis and yet it seems there is …


  1. Timestamps

    0:00 – Intro + Ads
    4:20 – How/why did he start his cafe?
    6:38 – Laws about CBD in Northern Ireland/UK
    11:22 – The dangers of making drugs illegal
    13:58 – Legal weed in Northern Ireland/UK – How to get a prescription
    18:50 – The right moment for legalisation/vapes/paramilitaries running drugs
    31:10 – Reaction from politicians
    35:15 – UK is the biggest exporter of medical cannabis in the world
    43:58 – Opposition to legalisation in Northern Ireland
    51:25 – What can you get a prescription to treat?

  2. Even so called recreational use is therapeutic, and that includes the cultivation of, and research of the plant. in the majority cases I believe cannabis should be available OTC for adult use regardless whether for medicinal or social/private use.

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