Firefly 2+ Hands-On: A cannabis vape competitor to the Pax 3

The Firefly 2+ is a big upgrade to the popular cannabis vaporizer. Despite retaining the same battery and form-factor as the Firefly …


  1. I was a dope and bought a pen that's meant for a powdered dry leaf. despite my best efforts, it seems getting dry leaf to powder form is damn near impossible (at least for me). looks like this one doesn't need to be a powder so that's good

  2. Enjoying my Yocan Hit dry herb vaporizer for only $59.00! Adjustable OLED temperature control, built-in stir control, temperatures ranging from 0-480F, Fast charging USB-C, two heating modes three minutes or five minutes, same capacity chamber as this Firefly 2+, ceramic heating chamber, and easy cleaning. The only complaint I have with the Yocan Hit is the 1400mAh battery as the sessions can quickly diminish the battery although, charging has taken me less than an hour. I don't buy anything that markets like Apple, just like selling their iMac stands for $999!

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