First Impressions Of CBD Topical For BMX Pain

Aces Joint Repair could be a game changer for those annoying aches and pains from riding BMX or anything else. Use code …


  1. Great Video 🙂 It is something to learn. Never tried Aces Yet. but i have tried all kinds. It is better then an advil. 30 years ago i found some Merry hempsters Vape Rubb Hemp and i still have a little left. It is amazing. People don't understand, It don't get you high and is better then any pill…… 🙂

  2. TBH CBD balm has been pretty worthless for me, if something is injuried like my knee, low back, and ankle it didn't do anything…it was better for tight muscles, I'd rathe use edibles or the flower to assist with sleeping more than the topical

  3. Maybe a weird question, but does it have a strong smell? I have a topical I use now that works well that's mint based, but I can't stand smelling like a candy cane for hours after I use it! I'm intrigued if it's something that doesn't have much of a scent to it.

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