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  2. Firstly I found that 3 leaf and split leaf fan leafs interesting, and iv got to be honest white cannabis has got to be rare so if I find one I'll be sure to take extra care with it (even mother if successful)

  3. 4:06 gonna have to correct you. That strain in those pics with the phalax's growing along the stems is a strain called Dr. Grinspoon and it's a 100% pure sativa hybrid with THC levels of up to 26%, with a ridiculous 5 month flowers time !!! Grown by Barneys Farm in Amsterdam…. I've personally smoked it out there on a few occasions….
    Peace bro ✌👊

  4. I have a monster cropped clone in a pot and a seedling has sprouted weeks later in same pota never potted anything weird unbelievable but a sware on ma wanes life’s it’s just happened lol

  5. Excellent tip's I've got sativa breed with a little Indo in a 14 in planter I starting it April in May to a 5gal bucket ofin July to the 14 inch it's 55 inches right now for soil to top of kola jam topping it and timing the buds pretty soon I llo every day with a magnifying glass with the pen size magnifier looking for those wonderful Trichomes it's got 26 branches over 30 inches two that's are 18 or so then 4 around 6 to 8 it actually is around 32 if jam correct should i want to top I'll do it probably the 25 27 or 30 of this month then bring it in for winter and hopefully it will survive till February then put it back into the vegetation start again so to get some New was started for next year's med's wish me LUCK Church!!!! All we need IS LOVE weed and seeds and a Coke rise up and call her Seneters and Representatives in every state for Medical and recreation and don't stop One a week or email constant pressure creates Change

  6. My biggest plant has buds shooting out of places I've never seen and it's like there topping themselves like one night it wasn't there the top of the top bud I come back two days later bc the next day if poured ran I noticed where buds are starting to form places I've never seen

  7. Had a plant that’s leafs were covered with resin frost was so cool didn’t have to wait for the buds to get really stoned, had no males at the time to breed, so 4ft of filth died with the memory.

  8. All the cannabis products I purchased from www.buymarijuanas.com, came with information on
    potency and cannabinoid content. Patients should read this information and
    then begin with a small dosage (5 to 10mg), allowing enough time for the onset
    of effects before increasing the dose.

  9. I have a mutated plant… The leaves are growing all weird like it's retarded & the color of the leaves are all over the place with dark brown, white on some & various shades of green… I thought it's probably a illness in the plant & haven't ever thought of it being a mutation.

  10. Thanks for the upload. Very interesting video.
    I've found quite a few (for lack of a better word) "Siamese twin" leafs this year. Where it looks like two leafs tried to grow out of the same stem and looks like two full leaves that are attached along the stem.

  11. I would never want to get elephantitis as a human but could you imagine having that problem with your crops? Damn bro I'm bummed out my entire crop got exposed to elephantitis now the buds are like 20,000 times the size haha

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