Ghana Police begins exercise to clear CBD streets of traders | Citi Newsroom

The Ghana Police Service has begun an exercise to help clear the streets of the Central Business District (CBD) of traders who …


  1. Just ban these traders from the streets… They leave the are very dirty and filthy…. They should rent a place… how they do it is their problem.
    It's not the governments responsibility to built markets for them,,,,, That's part of being a business man or woman.

  2. The government must clear the traders on the roads. If they want to trade, they should go inside the market to trade, and not to block the way of pedestrians. Most traders who keep saying that the market is not going on well, are senseless. The wise amongst them are to reduce the prices of their goods and the market will begin to flow. If not and they want to stick to their prices, then no one is going to buy things from them. As simple as A B C.

  3. People will complain that they want to live in a clean and organised city/country which respects the rule of law and blame the government for not doing enough to bring that about and yet when the government try to do that the same people will complain about it. We all demand changes yet doesn't want to be the catalyst for these changes. I support the authority here.

  4. This should be done in all African cities. These people need to be forced out from pavements, hawking the streets and only be found a huge markets that , hopefully , the government/city authorities know they should build.

  5. I really don't like traders on the roads, pavements and streets it contributes to unnecessary congestion and you can't move around freely. The councils need to build designated selling markets/areas.

  6. Very sad. Clearing the roads are great but again is this used as an excuse to chase away local sellers? Perhaps I want to put blame on Government but mostly welathy entrepreneurs who can build indoor markets for locals to sell in, as locals rely on this money…this would easily solve problem of congestion better traffic and a safe and clean place for locals to sell

  7. All i see is super entrepreneurs without a well developed market to help them contribute to the Ghana's gdp in that retrospects! And this is such a loss of opportunity to capitalize on this huge potential. 🙄

  8. Shame on our Northern Regions Parliamentarians who support bad tax like E-Levy and negotiate 10 % Mineral Resources and Crude oil and gas Contracts.

    The Sports Minister Yussif Mustapha should have being thinking of a better life for the Northern Regions instead supporting the government E-Levy.

    I am talking to my Northern Regions Members of Parliament because when Federalism is introduced and every Region takes control of its Mineral Resources and Crude oil and gas and pay tax to the Government, they will suffer.

  9. The only way to sustain order in Accra is to develop other towns and cities and create opportunities outside of the Greater Accra Region to stop them from coming to Accra. Majority of these people have left their villages to congest the capital like there is nowhere else to go. Accra suffering from mass migration. Stop migration to Accra

  10. How can your economy work better when all your people do is import and sell.
    AFRICAN 🌍 leaders have no brains honestly.
    EVEN common mass farming and exporting food could bring back foreign exchange or using some of the money from natural sources to invest in foreign businesses, some of the returns could be shared every month to poorer families.
    That is what Malaysia, Singapore and even Rwanda is doing.
    THEY will rather steal the money and let the people suffer

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