1. no disrespect to the owner of the company very admirable of him to get this far but GOD DAM do i wish i could see a non white person have that big a weed company without 50000 fbi raids

  2. I think this company, along with many others are a good reason why weed should be legal everywhere. I’m Canadian, so weed is legal here for anyone 19+, and all the old crows were expecting our nation to go to drug-fueled shenanigans, but everyone was and still is okay. Now those old crows are smokin’ it up!

    If there’s anything I’ve learned about people, both with laws concerning banned substances and even our COVID laws, is that people do NOT like being told what to do. People are more tempted to do taboo or flat-out wrong things. Legalizing marijuana and putting its production in the hands of people who are federally regulated to produce it a certain way leads to a consistent, high-quality product. Criminalizing it doesn’t stop people from doing it, it stops the right people from handling it.

  3. 1:45 "Each container holds about 2,000 pounds". Uh, no they don't. Unless you're talking about containers that are not the ones you're showing. Or those containers are made of titanium and you're the Hulk.

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