How To Make Chocolate Cannabis Edibles

Quick and easy guide to making homemade cannabis chocolate bars. This recipe requires only 5 ingredients and is completed in …


  1. Hey brother all I can say is it looks good to me send me mine LOL no I know how to make it it's easy looks real good though bro you made me want to make some look brother I just ran across your Channel I hit the like button I hit the Bell and I subscribed mad respect bro you did a great job hope you can do the same for me Growers Luv

  2. AWESOME!!! love this, so easy thanks! couple of curiosities: 1) how did you make the canna coconut oil?; 2) what was the exact weight of the canna coconut oil used and how do you know how much THC is in that amount?; 3) based on that, you use the size of each measured piece to correlate with THC percentage? 🙂 thank you!!!

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