1. Hi could you please tag me in your oil video if you have one and if you don't like the cocount taste look into using refined coconut oil it has no cocount taste or aroma 💕

  2. Thanks, I'm going to subscribe. Assuming that I can use flavorless delta 9 distillate as well, I would just need to maybe microwave a little more to guarantee full infusion? Wouldn't want one person to get an 800mg cookie instead of 200mg, and another person to get 0 😉 tyvm.

  3. Loving the videos could sit all night stoned watchin learning a lot all the way from Liverpool uk thanks for advise learning a lot hopefully make a lot aswell

  4. Letting you know, I live in a legal state & have my med card, so no worries! I made the oreos today, & I kept breaking the cookies. I was wondering if you tried to make oreo balls out of the broken pieces! I was just going to frost them as I went along. But total stoner moment, it hit me, get some cream cheese & ball those bad boys out. I might try them in a bit

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