How To Use CBD fx Vape Kit – CBD Pen Vape Kit Instructions

The all-inclusive kit provides you with everything you need to enjoy an electrifying vaping experience. To use, simply screw on the …


  1. I think i got a dud because mines not doing anything .The blue light is coming on but i'm not hearing the sound coming from the tank when it's on and i'm holding the button down like i heard on another video.They must of changed designs somewhat since you posted this video because mine doesn't have the little blue guy on top liked you mentioned.When i unscrew mine the tank is open and on the bottom of the mouth piece end i see a gold tip with a white washer i'm assuming you leave that in place.I put the bottom piece on the mouth piece and dropped it in the tank and it's nice and snug .When i turn it on and the blue light is lit i hold the button down and take a hit and nothing happens

  2. Just purchased the kit 2 days ago but Why does it feel like I’m sucking the CBD oil rather than vaping it. Could there be a clog in the tank or something? I have mine set to yellow.. I tried all four colors. . I favorite green because it’s tasty. Red is too smoky for me. So yellow is my best fit but I seem to be wasting precious cbd the way I’m doing it. I take long draws. Help?

  3. Thanks! First video I looked up about it and just got done ordering one! Needing to quit smoking cigarettes due to health reasons. Tried multiple times with different things and the same result always came up. I have tried smoking pot before and it helped. However the last time I did the people that let me smoke with them didn't tell me it was laced. So I went back to smoking cigarettes.

  4. Alright since I'm new to this whole vape stuff you supposed to hold that button on as you're inhaling and then let go of the button when you stop inhaling I just ordered this same kit to try it out before I maybe take the CBD vape Abit more serious I started out with just cbdfx 30mg vape pen I used it so much that the pen didn't last me 3 days, cause I'd have to hit it at least 3 time's or more before it would start taking effect but didn't last that long all I know is that I was more chill from it then anything else I have tried, I was ready to sleep after 3 big Hits of their 30mg pen. I'm thinking I'm likely gonna need a 1000mg I'm just starting from 30mg and now gonna try the 120mg kit, I'm gonna skip the 500mg and just go straight to the 1000mg. I'm 6'4 327lbs I'm thinking I'm gonna need a higher mg. Find out now I just gotta wait almost a week it's the weekend cbdfx isn't gonna ship till Monday so likely won't be here till the 1st of September.

  5. when it comes a time to replace the cartridge, i saw that the online website had two different options for cartridge tanks.. which is the best to use and how often should these be replaced? also will there be a need for coils as well?

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