I Have To Wear An Eye Patch + Making Vegan Burgers 🍔 | Love Hard Fight Hard ♡

In this vlog I reveal I have to wear an eye patch, and I talk about why. We make some delicious vegan and gluten free burgers from …


  1. Hi Clair ! You are going through the wars . But I do understand what pain is all about . I wish I could give you pray handkerchiefs so that you could put them under your pillow . But I will not forget you in my prays . The best help I can give is to read the whole book of psalms . And to read what David went through . You need that comfort . God bless you. The lord knows . David .

  2. Keep loving hard ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 it's easier to keep fighting sometimes than to keep living, you don't lose the warmth in your smile , you inspire me to stay positive through my own health battle

  3. I'm smiling when I see you. 🙂 Behind your smile there is fighting and this makes you more wonderful. You are a smiling warrior I love. 🙂 I love when you are cooking, baking you love to do and then how cute you eat.
    Sending love and hugs like always beautiful! Happy Holidays!

  4. I Love Your YouTube Channel And You Are A Survivor And Warrior & Don’t Giving Up Claire, I Love Your Amazing Personality And Smile Ever Don’t Let Your Health & Illness Beat You May God Continue To Live And Survived Another Year & Healing And Recovery You Are A Warrior And Fighter Sending You Lot Of Healing And Positively & Love To You And Have A Great Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas And Be Safe Out There🌈🎄🦋🎆🌟💙❤️🤍🌹🕊🌈🌸🌻💚💐💜💛.

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