After months, no years of trying to lose some lbs, I finally found my ace in the hole! Also an update on my phone call with doctor.


  1. Your pain management doctor gets a giant F for the day, heck, the year!!!!!! He should know that a stage 4 tumor is not going to improve. Stupid opioid laws have punished legitimate pain patients. I feel like I have to fight for my pain medication every darn month. Fight the pharmacy, fight the doctor, fight judgment. I just have chronic migraine, neck pain, and Fibromyalgia.
    Is it possible to get your oncologist in on this problem? You shouldn’t have to go through this. Love you ❤️💜

  2. Hi Jodi, When you were talking about the hassles you have gone through with the pharmacy and then your doctor’s reaction to your dosage of meds, I thought about my daughter. She is not afraid to stand up for her patients and family. When my husband had cellulitis and almost went septic, my daughter flew here. She slept at the hospital to talk with the doctors when they made rounds. She questioned why multiple doctors were prescribing meds that were interacting and causing my husband to be unable to keep even liquids down. As an ER nurse, she knows her meds and strongly supports patients being comfortable. So blessed we have nurses in our family to advocate for us! I hope you don’t have any more trouble getting your meds!

  3. Glad you are looking into Hospice and palliative care. Can you consult with your oncologist regarding your pain management and what she suggests for you. But there is better support out there for you. You don’t deserve to have to fight for your quality of life!! You deserve so much better❤️❤️

  4. Hey pretty woman Jodi🌹.
    Your roses sure are beautiful still. It's unreal how they can last for a whole year. I checked out their website and their flower arrangements are gorgeous but they are super expensive lol🌹🌺. I cant believe that your Dr didn't check over your chart more before calling you. The Dr's were the ones who originally gave their patients opiods and my Dr even said they were not addicting. I believed and trusted my Dr because the pain meds took all my back pain away and I was able to work and function well. Then the opiod crisis began and Drs are not giving out narcotic prescriptions like they used to. Cancer patients were still allowed their pain meds. It's a horror story everywhere. Try changing pharmacies Jodi👍💯. You should not have to go through this every month🤔. You look amazing and congrats on your weight loss🌻
    Your house sure is looking good. I'm thinking once the rooms are freshly painted and the blinds are opened its gonna brighten the rooms beautifully🙋‍♀️. Your in my prayers sweet friend🙏💖.
    Throwing you snow balls from Alberta 🇨🇦 lol. Cold and snowy here. California sure got a lot of rain a few days ago🌴💃💞.
    Happy holidays everyone, stay healthy and safe where ever you may go🎄🎅🤶.

  5. I truly despise how some of the medical people make you feel. It does affect your general health,mood and immune system. You should not have to advocate for yourself every time you need your meds ! Rant anytime ❤️

  6. Wow Jodi I’m appalled. Can you switch to a different doctor for pain management/palliative care in the same practice? I’m actually just getting to the part in which you mention you are in the process of coordinating palliative care. Glad to hear this. This could be a formal complaint against this provider for not referencing details about your case and recalling what he has been prescribing to you. Is it time for him to retire? He sounds as if he is off his rocker and losing it lol. I was prescribed narcan and I was not even informed why it was prescribed until I asked. I hope all of this is sorted out for you very soon.

  7. Get a new pain management dr & new pharmacy
    Kaiser…good luck getting help
    Love colors in bathroom👍
    Just tell us your issues. We will listen & says 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻for you

  8. I love your sweet, joyful spirit Jodi! You’re such beautiful soul. I’m so sorry about your cancer and the ordeals with the pharmacy & doctor with your very important pain relief medication. I take Fioricet for chronic migraines. My Family Doctor us great about prescribing it when I need it. I stopped using big box pharmacies because if their ridiculous regulations on medications. Fioricet is a “controlled” substance but isn’t a narcotic. I’ve tried to talk to Walgreen pharmacists about my prescription the way my doctor prescribed it, they act stupid, like clueless m my. I’m not a pharmacist, but I can read and do basic multiplication! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. Hi Jodi, It was raining this afternoon I had a really nice Christmas card for you with a decorative envelope. I took it to a postal annex, the wind blew it and both sides of the envelope were wet. So if you receive a strange looking envelope It's from me. Roses for a year? Great idea for gifts! Beautiful bathroom. Your new house really has lovely features. I hope that your feeling better from your ear.
    Please let me know if you receive the cards I sent. Again, sorry about the soggy card!
    I almost forgot to tell you……I saw my labs from when I had my mastectomy. I'm anemic, low Calcium, low red blood cells and low protein. I had a pre-op today. The doctor said my abnormal labs are from not eating red meat. I'm vegan like you. So I have a list of vitamins and supplements to purchase. When you go vegan I guess you need to know what to eat to be healthier. Bye for now. 💞

  10. Dear God, please give me strength when I am weak, love when I feel forsaken, courage when I am afraid, wisdom when I feel foolish, comfort when I am alone, hope when I feel rejected, and peace when I am in turmoil. … Amen.
    I've missed lately cuz i had the Crudd, gettn better .
    Peace and Love to you and yours.

  11. Jodi this is awful about ur meds and ur own Dr maybe he needs medication 😀 i’m shocked he didn’t even know who you were til like 5 mins into ur conversation . medication is the last thing you should have to stress about good lord . hang in there somehow it will get worked out . i’m trying to finish up my shopping we leave in 2 days for out of town to head to the grand kids . pray for me i will have all 3 grand kids oldest is 10 then 7 then 2 we are driving over 10 hours the day after christmas to spend a week in Texas . it will be tons of fun but exhausting too . i hope you have time to enjoy ur holidays with ur family and get unpacked more in ur new home .

  12. Jodi, before how adorable I think you are, I must say you shouldn't have to deal with stressors such as a flaky Dr. who doesn't seem to know much. It's appalling. I hope you get more help with your meds instead of pulling teeth to get them. You look real pretty today and I love how you do your makeup like a pro!! Thank you for sharing your journey. You are loved.❤🌷🌷🌷

  13. Ms. Jodi, You should not have to deal with that to get Your Medication! These Dr.’s don’t seem to have a Clue what is going on! Soo Proud for your Weight Loss, that is Great! Your House is looking Pretty! ❤️🙏😇🌲

  14. Hi Jodi, you are Truly Amazing! I’m sorry about your dr. You have an Amazing attitude, yet, it’s so sad to remember your reality. You are always living your Best Life, making Everyday a Beautiful day! You are entitled to vent. 🤗🤗🤗

  15. I so sympathise with this treatment from the pharmacist – but I'm glad it's not just me and not just in uk sometimes I feel as though I'm talking to myself too !!
    I think the word crap is a good one – use it Jodie if it makes you feel better !
    Loving your work – supporting you as ever.
    Jan UK x
    By the way I could tell you lost weight you look great I was just crossing my fingers not stress of moving xx

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