“I Smoked Two Blunts Before Every Game”: NFL Vets on Cannabis in Football

It was the best thing for me.” NFL vets open up (and light up) on weed like never before, from playing high to pain management …


  1. I play bball I smoke before I have a blast this makes me wanna smoke a j rn good for the soul. I'm a truck driver now I face same random drug test dilemma only difference I can't risk cause I'm not making millions like these guys

  2. i no longer smoke but i was the biggest stoner you could meet. i smoked every game of hs and i was starting te every year. it helped so much with mentality but not just that, i later found out thc helps tremendously with muscle recovery and decreases swelling. i feel like it made me a bit slower to think and understand but the key to everything is pacing. don't go over board but it's not bad.

  3. I was the best player on my kickball team when I was 31. Haha. True story. And second best dude smoked. Most others Didnt and we killed it every Sunday at the elementary school. Everyone was in their 20’s and 30’s. Rain or shine. We ruled. I always acted like it was the super bowl of kickball. Kicking home runs, dodging thst ball. Catching those balls in the outfield. Stopping home runs. Man, two hits and then then play for keeps. So fun.

  4. I never played organized football ripped, but after high school me and my friends would have those park football games, I'd take like 4 bong loads and I'm already the tallest of my friends I'd be playing like a white randy moss lol and I was always a wuss and afraid to get hit, but the weed made me love getting decked lol and it was street ball no pads and barley any rules

  5. Never have I played a football game high but I feel like I would have one of my best performances bc I played basketball high a few times and those were my best games especially shooting

  6. When I was 19-20 I smoked some wheel chair weed with a friend after work & he dropped me off at an outside b ball court near my house and I kicked butt… he asked me you gonna play ball now and said yeah I feel great. I'm a professional musician by trade and never missed a note, never forgot a song on stage or the studio. I guess it was a synergy thing with me others may feel the effects differently. If you listen closely to Mother Nature she has all the answers you need. You just gotta understand your own chemistry & biology

  7. Corona getting me high with the stay at home bullshit and I'm smoking my lungs out .lol just got my marijuana card anyways from +17192859179 vendor and I have absolutely no worries

  8. Never smoked while competing in high school or college, but definitely take advantage nowadays since I live in Colorado. I’m 31 years old and into triathalons, skiing, mountain biking and hiking. Don’t usually smoke it, but use a lot of edibles. It’s changed my life in a good way. Sleep better, recover with less pain, and have more fun while recreating. Testing for cannabis use in most professions is a huge waste of time, money and resources.

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