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Insomnia relief? I have not been sleeping very well for a long time and i am now feeling I have found some relief which i am …


  1. Haven’t been on YouTube for a while so didn’t realize you were AWOL, so glad you are doing somewhat better!! Getting older not for sissies!! Lol! Being a semi-caregiver I think gives me an interesting perspective on things. Hope the new year is an easier one for all of us! Keep looking UP!

  2. Hi Monika! I am keeping you in my prayers my friend.. Its been a rough go hasn't it! Take care of Yourself sweetie.. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and here is to a much kinder 2022! Love ya XO

  3. I’m so sorry to hear you’re not feeling your best and hope you’ll find the right solution soon.
    Have a wonderful time with your family over the holidays ! ❤️

  4. Hi Moni I was here bf and didn't comment bc I got sidetracked 😘 nice to see you ! You know those little things on health can just drive ya crazy ! I have had Tinnitus for years in one ear and sometimes if I think about it the buzzing drives me crazy but I try not to think about it! Believe it or not certain foods and meds trigger it ! I was going to get this heat pad for me and my grandson and I forgot to get it ! I'm going to order it for me! My back is one of those health issues I've had for years ! So this is perfect! It is a hard holiday this year especially bc of our deaths in the family that we both have experienced! Sometimes the sadness and stress of that can trigger health issues ! Sudden death especially a child is devastating! I think of ur mom a lot ! Im Glad ur getting together with ur mom ! She is an inspiration! Happy Holidays to you Moni and ur family ! Always here for you ! Much love Babs ❤️❤️🌲🌲

  5. You've been on my mind a lot, Monika. Even though you look beautiful, I could tell you weren't feeling good. For me, sleeping well is the key to staying healthy. I am so happy the CBD Oil helped you. A good nights sleep is priceless. Yes, you mother is an amazing woman, and you take after her!! I watched you this morning as I sipped on my delicious coffee, and just now opened my computer to leave you a note. Blessings, prayers, and love..MaryEllen

  6. Hi Monika, when my son was born 36 years ago I had a terrible episode of post partum depression. One of the bad things was the insomnia. I ended up with sleeping medications and even after all these years I still take medication for it. I have had some that was terrible and some that are good. I have a good pill now that works well but I hate that after 36 years I won’t sleep without medication. The CBD sounds great but expensive since insurance pays for mine. I am sorry you have been under the weather but at least you have found some goodies. Merry Christmas to you and Jay. Take care, love you.

  7. Nice to see you, Monika…hang in there! I think we're all frazzled/a little run-down & experiencing challenges–large & small. It seems that the way to cope–and clearly your mother knows this–is to keep the faith! We all know, deep down, that life on earth has finite beginnings & ends… its purpose is only realized after. Christmas is a perfect reminder, so let's keep it close. Here's to finishing up the year, throughout the holidays, STRONG!

  8. Good Morning Moni, I so enjoyed having my cup of coffee with you this morning…. I love that heating pad, I am going to order that asap….So glad to hear that you mom is doing so well, she's one remarkably strong woman, I admire her so much. So sorry to hear that you have been under the weather, and btw, I too did not put up a tree this year, I have a wreath on my door and that's it. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Love you! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

  9. Sorry you have been battling illness and i think it runs you down, I've been like that get over one thing then another starts! Eyes are the worst must be so irritating and sore. Happy Christmas and hopefully a better new year! 💕

  10. A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!! I got here late…for one thing I watched your ad all the way through…some gal giving a reading about our new year!!! I could not resist! Sounded hopeful! I battle dry-eye too…it went away for years but last year it came roaring back. When I wake in the morning I have to open my right eye with my hand! Now that is dry! Sleeping is a challenge…and I have to say, menopause and hormone imbalance has really thrown me the last 1 year! I was so sick but last spring I really started ot get better. Have you noticed how painful using a ring light is? oh dear! I can't feel sleepy at night…do you think that oil would help me? Drops? Love you to the moon and back….it was wonderful watching this tonight..I don't feel all alone with my aliments!!! ox Sues & Dez So good to hear your Mom is doing well.

  11. Monika your mom is such an amazing lady she seems to have good genes.
    It’s a bit crazy over here in Europe with Covid at the moment, I don’t think I’ll travel before the summer.
    Have a great Christmas and New Year.

  12. Hi Monika, my dad has been in the hospital, I have not been well, all my shopping is done, all on line, my tree is up, no decorations, lol, I know what you mean about lack of motivation…I love cbd oils and goods ones are pricey. I hope you feel better soon, Merry Christmas 🎄

  13. Oh Monika I do feel for you. Love ya try and enjoy Christmas and New year lovely lady. 😍 xxx ❤ 💗 💕 All the family. We are year 2 without our boys. They have no idea how ill i am no point worrying them. Xxxx

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