Kryon 2021 – A Message For The Enlightened Collective

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  1. Why would when I was meditating I fell the presence of like a beast or a big vicious dog about to attack me and right as he almost got me it felt like someone yanked me right out of my sleep ?

  2. Kryon!! Waves of love and drops of tears as I listen to you and all in my head gets confirmed for the first time. I felt the downloading in 2018-19. But I did not know what I was downloading but I could feel it in my heart head and body. I am ready to fulfill my destiny. Rally indigo! It's time to start the festival of enlightenment. I keep thi king it's a dream but my whole life…. 💥

  3. This is for "EVERYONE."

    Hello my is Johnny.
    I want to tell every human being on this planet. I wish I could speak in every language but English is pretty much that I know because I came here to the states when I was 3 yrs old. I am Korean but can't speak the language that well. Matter of fact, I think I speak spanish better. Hehe….😬

    Well God is letting me know to explain why I am here….

    God you say humans have no patience, look who's talking!!! Hehe….😬

    Anyway… Everyone I guess has a God of their understanding. Whether its Islam, Hindu, Christianity, and maybe no belief at all of a God.
    Well there is a God, and I guess God has many names.
    Allah, Jesus, etc.. etc. And I wish to tell everyone yes its the same God!!!

    And everything that you believe in God is all Love! A Living and Loving God!!!👍

    And God is not what most of us think of God as….
    Like an angry God that punishes those who sins. Or that you will go to hell or that their is a devil. All that stuff was made by humans that had been added onto the Bible, your bible whichever one it might be. And I do not know who as in which ones or their names, I do not rhink that is really important. Because then we start blaming or judging ourselves and others. I just want you to know that the Bible was not written by GOD. I am hoping that this brings light to the subject about the Bible.
    And to clearly understand that GOD LOVES ALL OF US and once and for all does not Punish nor Judges.
    I hope I made sense because after all… I'm only HUMAN.😉

    I want you all to understand that Heaven is this place called Earth. And your Earth is Alive and well. Its a living Earth so lets take good care of Mother Gaia and continuously care and especially the leaders of this World to care for one another. Stop fighting and come up with solutions.
    Want everyone to know that God gave us everlasting life and that is that when we die from the body we reincarnate over and over. We just do not remember. That's what the Bible was trying to explain.
    And I hope I get this right…
    What humans call Angels is just simply spirit if we can give it a name and if you want to add wings. The spirit is us. All of us. And same God which is only one God. And it does not matter which religion or no religion God will always have Love for all of us and does not have any evil or sin. Does not have any of this which we made. I hope that I haven't complicated this and that you all understand what i am trying to say. And that simply God loves you and we come from God therefore we are Gods ourselves that we are immortal. That our mortal bodies are inhabited by immortal souls.
    So please stop fighting amongst eachother!!! Whatever race or color we are. And I am not going to name or put which colors because we like to think 1 2 n 3 meaning oh we must be number one and this is number 2 3 4 you get the jest.
    Now God or which I like to call God the Creator…
    Creator can I say what I wish to say???
    Not that God could stop me anyway because God gave us the most beautiful thing in World which we call…. FREE WILL!!!
    "Once again I want to say is stop fighting and hurting eachother. Stop with the wars please!!! Makes me want to cry as a human being."
    And I wish to tell Janet that I, Johnny loves you very much and I'm sorry for ever breaking up with you when you were 17 and I was 20 when we first met.
    Janet, I wish for you to be happy and that I never stopped loving you!!!

    Take care of yourself Janet. Love from GOD and Johnny.

    What… I decided to put you first GOD. sheesh…..😉

  4. Thank You Kryon 🙏🏻 We could sure use their presence now….how can we best ask them for help? Even the strongest old souls are starting to tire as we stand in light with no end in sight!!! I ask these things respectfully 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️⭐️⭐️

  5. All human trauma began with their colonization.
    “Angels” aren’t ascended or enlightened. They are just big intergalactic bullies who can’t respect the laws of nature.

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