1. Thank you so much for breaking everything down step by step for me I tend to rush some of the things and I have to go back on videos but you've made it very easy for me to understand I have a bit of ADHD and watching your video I only need to watch it maybe once or twice once I have everything down then I'm going to actually start to make it what I noticed is does it matter when you use the box version of brownies or is it better to make everything homemade because I want to make no sugar added low sodium low salt edibles for me and my girl because she's diabetic and I wasn't sure how to go about doing that so if you can give me some tips that would be really helpful thank you so much

  2. They way she mixed that recipe gave me anxiety. Maybe it was her first time baking?
    All dry, then wet. Addons like nuts or chocolate chips go in at the end so that you make sure that all the other ingredients are combined.
    Also, that butter was rough, what was all that crap on the top?

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