Marijuana 101: A debate over the pros and cons of legalizing medical marijuana

We reached out to one of the lawmakers who supports legalizing medical marijuana. We asked him, and the head of a drug …


  1. There is still no scientific data that proves that cannabis harms the brain at any age. Feel free to search. Besides, nobody is trying to legalize it for adolescents. Please present a valid argument next time.

    Also, the gateway drug theory is laughable, and again, not backed by any credible scientific study.

    I’m an adult, and I can decide for myself what to put in my body. The people that aren’t up to this task can pay for the drug war. I’m sick of throwing my money down the drain.

  2. 1:00 Yeah thats cuz she make a but load of money from people channeled into her program by the court system. Maybe she should think twice about her answers and consider her Parkinson has been proven to benefit from cannabis.

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