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  1. it doesnt matter aerobic/anerobic/ zone 1. its straight up watts you can put out rally style for the set amount of time. Easy to train, but unfortunately if everyone does the same training over 12 weeks it comes down to genetics. this has become sadly apparent in the past 3 years tour de france athletes have started overlapping into mountain biking competitions and absolutely destroying the competition because they better trained and better geneticly vetted to put out the most watts. Sad days

  2. I am nowhere near a Games athlete and my PR on 100 cals on Echo (no windshield) is 4:45 (425 w). I have some people at my gym that are quite decent at ergs and their time at 100 cals are 3:454:00 (540-500 w). I would say that Games level on males would be 500-600 Watts for 5 mins so 125-150 cals in 5 mins. (At my experience of 5 years coaching of CF)

  3. Is energy for his athletes is awesome and comes off very sincere. The look on his face as he looked at her monitor demonstrated he was complete pumped for her. My strategy was not far off. I def used the first 60 sec to find my pace for the next three and at 1 min left I started to ramp up to just absolutely gassed. I hit 80 Cals on the dot.

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