Paul vs Woodley 2 | RECAP UFC 269 Oliveira vs. Poirier | Cruz vs Cormier | Ep 264 | BELOW THE BELT

Brendan makes an announcement about his future with Showtime and the future of this show, recaps UFC 269 Charles Oliveira vs …


  1. I disagree with you, Dustin is not a champion and Charles is, how can you say Dustin does not have the drive? Also, Charles is doing well financially, winning this fight is not a life changing event for him, his previous fight against Michael Chandler is.

  2. I’m guessing SHOWTIME are also just a bunch of “haters” for dropping him, as Brendan likes to label anyone who sees straight through his endless, talentless grift routine.

    How are you gonna make the fake bots you pay for views cough up REAL money for your subscription service? 🤣🤣🤣

  3. schaub has literally the worst takes ever, bryan callen was calling every fight right and people kept making fun of him, brendan really thinks poiriers hunger wasnt there for a TITLE MATCH, he almost cried at the after press conference wtf

  4. Damn he's been fired from every job he's had so far, think about it. "NFL", UFC, FOX, Showtime, Theo is basically firing him, his wife is trying to leave him, the list goes on. In about 3 years I'm not so sure we'll be seeing him again, especially with his spending habits. I just wish he'd quit lying about "his decision to leave". His contract ran up (Dec 31) and they let him go. He has been hurting their brand so he had to make his own. Lol he's literally in tears bc he knows his time is running out now.

  5. Why does schaub keep saying that Oliveira was interim champion if he and Michael Chandler for the undisputed light weight title vacated by khabib earlier this year

  6. how does in his every podcast he seems to not know what has happened and the other guy explains him by saying just a line about a topic and then suddenly Brendan remembers everything lol!! Scripted AF!!

  7. Maybe bud should read the comment so he realized how fucking stupid he sounds 😂😂😂 hard to believe this guy was a pro fighter with the horrible takes he has. Good god

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