Prefiled bill to legalize marijuana in Kentucky could impact hemp businesses

Hemp store owner Dee Dee Taylor she’s at a crossroads–support the bill that aligns with her beliefs on marijuana, or fight for her business.


  1. There is big resistance to legalizing marijuana in Kentucky. There is too much money being made in the underground economy. And many people in KY are bitterly resistant to anything to do with government regulation, to include refusing to wear seatbelts and making moonshine. They even refuse to license their dogs. “I won’t do it and you can’t make me” often includes attending school.

  2. Go to about 23:50 in the attached video. Patients went from 65 percent to 18 percent in use of pharmaceuticals when using the cannabis. These companies have killed millions making billions. You try it and see what happens. About time Kentucky. The state where tobacco and bourbon are king. Do the math on that toxic combo, tobacco and alcohol. Then add in the opioids, Kentucky. About time the people of Kentucky were given something good, physically as well as financially. Answered prayer.

  3. Legalize cannabis federally already and simply treat it exactly like we treat much more dangerous alcohol. It's so simple. I refuse to vote for any politician whom continues to ignore the will of the vast majority of American voters by willfully and ignorantly continuing to obstruct full federal legalization.

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