1. Hi Phil, I've been dealing with a one sided sitbone pain for the past two years and cant seem to get rid of it. have done multiple bike fits, tried lots of saddles and also visited many medical professionals; all who cannot get to the bottom of my issue. What do you suggest?

  2. With the pad being the most important item on a pair of bibs it frustrates me that when looking for bibs in an online store or even the manufacturer site that they rarely show a picture of the pad.

  3. also pedaling with some force will reduce weight on the seat. people who are only lazily pedaling will have more weight through the seat. or when you're tired towards the end of a ride and can't pedal so strong any more

  4. want to save money and use what a grand tour winner recommends? ditch the chamois cream and use noxzema instead. Chris Horner has used it for years. he talks about it on his channel

  5. Paramount is proper bike fitment, proper fitment of shorts, use of chamois cream, periodically getting out of saddle and the skin/tissue in the saddle contact points becoming more conditioned from a consistent routine of cycling.

  6. I've found that it's important to check the condition of those bibs. Riding indoors seems to wear them out faster. Also, I tended to think, "It's an indoor ride, I don't need to use my best bibs." Wrong. Since the Black Bibs are so inexpensive, there's no need to use anything but fresh new ones.

  7. Get a round saddle like the Turbo, Rolls (only if you can tolerate an extra 3-4 grams). It fits everyone, because its round and naturally finds the sit bones. Nose the saddle down a few degrees, unless you are girl. For bike fit, move the the saddle back until you can take you hands off the bars without falling forward while pedaling.

  8. Hey Phil, do you find that the same saddle works on the trainer as on the road. I find my weight is way more stagnant on the trainer and pain sets in way sooner and in different areas. Any tips?

  9. If I'm having problems with rubbing on the part that I'm not sitting on does it mean my bib shorts are too big?

    Isn't an issue at all outside but I think I'm doing a higher cadence on the trainer and it quickly becomes and issue.

  10. Pro tip – ever since i moved to a recumbent my butt, bits, wrists and neck do NOT hurt :D. Yes, it's not a normal bike – but i am WAY faster – and more comfortable. Otherwise, this is good advice if you don't move 😀

  11. After about 60 mins on the trainer, I get an instantaneous sharp pain on/in my left sit bone and it's impossible to sit down. It takes a bit longer outdoors. Could this be tight hamstrings? Tried lots of different saddles, same result.

  12. I have found that, for me, chamois cream is more critical for indoor rides than outdoor rides. On indoor rides, I don't vary my position as much, so the same spots rub over and over. Furthermore, my perspiration just sits there; I'll lose 3 – 5 lbs on an indoor ride, and my clothing is literally dripping wet at the end. Chamois cream is critical for indoor rides!

  13. Another good tip is that if you put one foot up on your bathroom counter, you can actually look down there in the mirror to be able to put bandaids on the blisters where you were sitting. You can actually see them this way.

  14. Hey Phil, really painful topic. I have real issue with saddle soreness in between sit bones and genitals. After one hour its like a hell for me and its really hard to motivate through pain. I have tried different saddles like your mentioned Shimano, s-works power, some more traditional shape and last SQlab 612 saddle but no change. Watched all bike fit Youtube videos as well.

  15. The people at the gas station aren't going to go out and get bib shorts. Almost all of my miles are commuting miles in street clothes. When the temps get above the mid 50's, khaki shorts. Below the mid 50's khaki pants. Light colors are good for being seen.

    I use regular cut-out saddle, but I ride a lot. There was a period of my life when I wasn't on the bike much, and then it hurt for a few days after a ride. For the people at the gas station, a big cushy saddle IS the best solution.

    One could argue this channel isn't one I should watch, but my daily commute includes over 1,000 feet of hill climbing (on a 37 pound commuter bike with fenders, dynamo light, three head lights, three tail lights, front and rear cameras, cable lock, & rain gear that always stays on the bike (I'm in Seattle). I really like hill climbing and even at 59 I'm fairly decent at it, so I enjoy this channel!

  16. I have unbelievable sit bone pain after 10km, been for a couple of bike fits but it's still a miserable ride until hour 3 when everything is just numb (using a Bontrager Montrose Pro saddle)

  17. I can ride all day on my outside bike. But I recently got an indoor smart trainer for the winter and so far I can't take much more than an hour or so before I have to stop. I'm using my old bike for the trainer. It has a larger frame so I'm stretched out a little more but the saddle height is the same. Therefore I don't think there is more weight on my butt. I think it is because I'm glued to the saddle in erg mode all the time. It feels uncomfortable getting out of the saddle and giving my butt a rest. I'm afraid I might tip over or break my bike. I would hope one of those "rocker" things wouldn't be necessary.

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