Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures (PNES) | Opening Up #MeToo

I hope no one can relate, but to anyone that does- you are worthy of a beautiful life. insta: @GiaRodriguezz.


  1. Hello and thank you for making this video!
    I have a suggestion for you. Please don't think I'm not just have an open mind. Have you considered going to a hypnotherapist? If you can find a hypnotherapist, regress you back to help you fight while you're dealing with from the inside of your mind! In the mind is a very powerful thing! I believe if you can get in touch with your inner self, because believe it or not we all have one!! You will be able to reconnect with who and you are and how strong you are and fight from within! It's same thing works with past life regression!

  2. I have recurrent sensations of passing out but I don’t actually pass out. A neurologist said it was no cause for alarm. Sometimes this happens 50 times a day. Does anyone else here have similar sensations?

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I have a history of petit mal epileptic seizures as a child and now non epileptic seizures. I really wish I could turn it off too lol. I don't have many now but when I was first diagnosed I had a lot going on in my life and I was having 30+ seizures a day, tremors in my hand, muscle spasms all over and the whole left side of my body went numb. I have never taken any meds for any symptom from it and I have yet to seek counseling. I grew up in an alcoholic dysfunctional home and so there was some abuse mentally there and witnessing things happening to my mother I think affected me as well. During that time I believe I learned how to process emotional pain the wrong way. I was diagnosed at 28 years old and I am now 49 years old. I wish there was a switch to turn it off lol. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this video, for sharing your story and your heart. It means more than you know just to see other people out there with what I am struggling with and to not feel so alone. We as women shoulder so much all on our own.

  4. Thank goodness you did this video. I’m a health tech in a high school. I’m like the nurse but with no training!! A student had a few seizures. She was awake but not there. She wa so scared and pointing. I knew it was a different kind of seizure, but I didn’t know what. I called 911, but the dad came and said no she is having a pseudo seizure. My question is what do I do for her if she has another one? I saw one video that says like turn around and don’t focus on her. Do you have any advice?

  5. Thanks for sharing. I have the same seizures and I was feeling I was alone for a long time. I have been to two hospital just this weekend because my seizure has changed on me. My mouth is turning to the side which has never happened before.

  6. Impressive, truly. (My channel goes live July 26, 2021) I was also diagnosed with pnes and I have been in the fight for 4 years now. Last night I started working on my own channel with playlists. It's a bold statement but I may have some answers for you. There's a lot of information there and I'm trying to organize it so it will take some time but please stop by. I could use someone of your intelligence to point out my mistakes. At the very least I hope we can all heal together on this most arduous journey.

  7. Hi I know what you're through I have seizures but I don't know if they epileptic or non. Now days I'm starting to have these sensations that feel like vibrations in my fresh. I don't know which is which

  8. i had my first seizures back in 2015-16 when i was dealing with depression and a family divorce, i got it often but didn't last long.. From 2016 until 2020 i didn't get any seizures , just panic attacks when under a lot of stress. May of 2020 i had yet another seizure in front of my mother, a tonic seizure , i couldn't feel my body it was all stiff, i couldn't speak, couldn't open my eyes and i was shaking for almost 10 minutes. After my seizure finished , i paid my first visit to neurologist, had a EEG that showed that everything is fine with my brain and also ran some other further tests , eventually my neurologist said that i have an anxiety disorder and my seizure could be a cause of it. A year and a month later(2021) after having a huge fight with my boyfriend , i felt my body once again shutting down, i experienced another tonic seizure but this time even worst, i couldn't stop crying, hitting my self, had saliva coming out my mouth unstoppable , i couldn't speak or move my body the way i wanted, it felt like i was outside my body just observing , it lasted a good 20 minutes, i could feel that my bf was extremely worried as he was trying to comfort me and relax me. i felt i was going insane. i'm debating weither i should go once again and see a neurologist , but i'm pretty afraid they will say that there's nothing wrong with me besides my anxiety levels. I indeed feel that there's sth wrong with me, a day after the seizure i still had spasms all day long and numbness.

  9. I really need your help, my Dad got diagnosed with PNES probably about 2 years ago. These events put the whole family in shock and confusion. Let say if i was your family what could i do to help???

  10. I got diagnosed with these on Friday. It’s rough. Mine are from a disorder called Dysautonomia. Mine are convulsions with paralysis due to high adrenaline from another disorder. They are so hard to treat. We are hoping that treating the disorder that causes it will treat them

  11. I've been dealing with this for 14yrs due to childhood trauma. I was abused in many ways growing up and now I have BPD, CPTSD, Anxiety and depression, dissociation and phycogenic blackouts.

  12. I just found out that I have those. I have had 5 since I was 43, I am now 55 and my last one was in November, when I found out I had COVID. Im sorry people don't understand, but they really can't until they have walked in our shoes. They are very frightening and I hope no one who reads this ever has to deal with them. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope you are well in the future and I will keep you in my prayers ❤.

  13. i’m an 18 year old girl and i am diagnosed with pnes i went through psychological sexual and a bit of physical abuse and trauma so much as a child that i ended up developing these seizures i remember at 12 & i had anorexia (that went untreated my mom knew but couldn’t help i had to recover for my life by myself at 13-14 years old so that will come in in just a second) i went to get all four of my wisdom teeth taken out at 12 and i had psychogenic seizures during surgery so after they asked me ab it and i said that they happen and to not worry bc i thought that it was bc i had been restricting my nutrition and things and i didn’t want anyone knowing that so they never said anything ab it then 15-17 i was addicted to heavy drugs not meth or heroin but pills and alcohol pretty badly and had psychogenic seizures and some may of been drug induced seizures i’m not sure but i do believe i have brain damage from a drug induced seizure that my parents refused to take me to the hospital so i’m convinced my brain damage is from that night but i’ve had so many within 15-17 i can’t even count so anyway i attempted suicide (multiple times but i just now got medical attention for this one) and i went into the hospital and had a psychogenic seizure and we were watching a movie on the lounge room and all the sudden i was so exhausted and tired and passed out and was sliding onto a peers lap and she was yelling for someone and i started convulsing and the children’s hospital ems didn’t believe that my body was doing this on it’s own and the night shift nurses and doctors at childrens didn’t believe me either they thought i was faking to get out of the psychiatric hospital but i was suffocating bc the muscles between my ribs were tensing up and the monitors went off bc i wasn’t breathing and i was blue my oxygen levels were like at 89 my mom said? and she pushed me over and deadass said to me “stop holding your breath come on you’re setting off the monitors” then i went to the seizure unit and was monitored and got tested the morning shift nurses and doctors diagnosed me and were very very helpful and supportive it’s so embarrassing that the night shift was so uneducated and a lot of people are about this even ems!! but if you’re wondering i’m still trying to work on everything im fully recovered from drugs i’m terrified of pills since that night i haD A CONVERSATION WITH JESUS HIMSEF i even had to pull myself back around to take medicine i hated pills going down my throat or seeing them crushed/split in half but i am able to drink at parties and things with well trusted people and i’m stable as of now but i still do have pretty intense psychogenic non epileptic seizures i had jaw surgery in september 2020 and had a 30 minute long seizure i was only aware of the last 5 minutes of it so i have a reaction to sedation be careful if you have this diagnosis and are going into surgery!!! but yeah i have them almost daily but it’s getting under control anyway thank you for the awareness of this it helps me and so many others more than you know

    (sorry i’m so tired i probably don’t make much sense)

  14. Thanks for sharing this . i am from the Netherlands , Europe .
    A long time ago i had a match on Tinder. After some chatting we where about to meet up then i told her about my seizures and she didnt want to continue .
    she was a nurse… it is hurtfull when they tell me i cant help having this and still nurses and doctors are totally bias . how unproffesional can you be ?
    i am starting to believe this illness is totally not what they tell me it is. they probably do not know either. in the end we am not our seizures !

  15. One day I was sleeping and woke up in a panic I kept feeling my heart rate and it got higher and higher I couldn’t move or talk and passed out and my body was shaking it never happened again in 4 years when I keep my cool is that what it’s called the doctor ran test on me and said I was fine

  16. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and also Nonepileptic seizures, both. This have change my life in just a month where I’ve been having seizures almost everyday. Doctors said was all on my mind without running any test. When finally they did EEG and MRI the found out I have a malrotation incomplete on the left hippocampus wich I was born with and didn’t know, that’s causing all these, on top of that they found out I have an autoimmune disease ( my mom died from lupus and Autoimmune liver disease) so it’s been a really hard time for me, I’m not able to work for now till they find the right of dosed that works for me. Some day I cannot get out of bet to cook for my daughter and that scares me.

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