1. Why are KIDS always used as excuses for many things? This is the responsibility of all parents…This is part of the wonderful paradise that was promised that existed within their pants on that Friday or Saturday night that those kids were conceived…People have always claimed that they never had the time to raise and teach their kids family values, responsibilities, etc…but due to work or busy schedule they could not…We had a full year to be at home with their kids and people squandered it over complaining about lockdowns , masks, computer lessons, etc…The only lesson needed is how to teach a little person… how to be a big person….

  2. Driving high it’s not the same as driving drunk you can very legitimately drive high safely Tired of these old folks not understanding anything

  3. Wow, wujan lujan ruined all the small businesses and wants more lockdowns, ran the state into the ground during covid, but pleased the potheads with one bill. Doesn’t take much for this state to sell out. And even if the state legalizes it, its only state not federal, so guess who is still taking your weed away. That’s right, checkpoints. Sellouts.

  4. So i guess the only thing of import for this bought- and-paid-for- drug-puppet (gov grisham) is to push dope, defund the cops and expunge the criminal records of drug offenders…

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