1. The difference is felons can easily grow marijuana, they can't easily brew alcohol. This means felons can compete against the legal weed market. People don't understand the differences between alcohol prohibition and marijuana prohibition. They oversimplify the economics and think what happens in one case will happen in another. Weed legalization will continue to bring higher crime, but will eventually be oversupplied and have a price crash.

  2. Cant stand the shit, never liked the smell of it or the attitudes of those who smoke it. It has ruined the state of colorado and ive been here 20 years so i know how much of a increase the crime and transient population is through the roof. This was the biggest mistake ever. Why should people who dont smoke it have to smell it and put up with homeless on every corner downtown.

  3. this guy is so full of shit he must have been sucking out of an elephant rectum what a dick if he wants to bitch about drug use the streets there are covered with syringes crackheads stumbling down the streets everywhere you look if these people got their hands on some weed maybe they might come down for a minute

  4. fuck me. big deal dickhead. ooooh more people growing weed. somebody save us!!
    This blokes biggest problem is someone illegally growing weed which people can then buy legally…

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