Seizure in the van triggered by temperature changes

Raelynn had a seizure in the van while we were in Walmart’s parking lot. I’m pretty sure it was triggered by a change in the …


  1. Man you are a tiny channel. I only have seven subs on my public one. This is my private one. My channel is about epilepsy. Some of it is my journey and other videos are just educational.

  2. Whenever the temperature changes here in New York I feel it with my tendinitis in my left leg it’s very painful my tendinitis especially when the temperature changes or if it’s going to rain or snow

  3. I’m going to Walmart on Saturday I live in New York where do you live just curious wasn’t sure how I hope you have fun at Walmart with your daughter Raelynn say hello to Raylan for me Whenever I go to Walmart I can’t walk around with it without buying anything I always understanding all my money

  4. I’d sure recognize you 😄 I’m in Iowa near the Illinois border so probably not too far from you. The first tonic clonic seizure I ever saw a friend have was on an extremely hot, humid day, so she was careful about heat after that. Love your and Raelynn’s t shirts – she was so cute smiling and enjoying the ride out, sorry she had a seizure after shopping, glad you were able to pull over. Hope she was feeling better later on💗Good you got your tires taken care of👍

  5. I’m sorry she had a hard time with her seizures. what are some things that trigger her seizures ? how long do you usually wait during a seizure before giving meds to stop a seizure or seizures I know everyone’s seizure protocol is different

  6. I'm the same way with my seizures when it comes to whether change.
    I'll be shopping in walmart and everytime I'm done I start to feel my auras but I don't always have a seizure from it though.
    Being overheated really affects my seizures and I really don't like it and I wish it didn't happen to people like her and I. Being overheated makes me have a headache and sweaty and normal heat ordeals but sometimes I'll have a headache before a grand mal seizure. The headaches will get worse even though sometimes I don't always have a headache after a seizure.
    Cleaning around the gome triggers seizures because again I get overheated but it has to be done regardless. My parents don't seem to understand what affects my seizures and what they think happenss or not. So I'm learning to accept that people don't always want to know and learn.
    So I take so many breaks throughout the cleaning process.
    It's in the nineties today and just about everyday here in Florida

  7. Walmart can't fix ANYTHING!!! They are the worst place to take tires to or get an oil change at. I do not trust them at all. I started paying a little more and started going to a hometown garage. It is worth it not to worry about idiots at walmart. Sorry, rant over! LOL. It is just I had a tire with a side wall hole and walmart wouldn't or couldn't fix it and another place did. I am still driving on that tire. Walmart also stripped my oil plug and it wouldn't tighten back up. Cost me more than it should have.

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