'Spice' warning: Medical marijuana user hospitalized after turning to synthetic marijuana

After using synthetic marijuana, also known as spice, which is sold at convenience stores around the Bay Area, a woman says …


  1. It's unreal that they even still sell products like these. The only reason she bought it she claims is because the dispensary is expensive. Well guess what? Its because its regulated, tested, taxed, and made sure its SAFE TO CONSUME. Some people just cannot be helped, but the general public doesn't need to have a worse time by being pushed these products by idiot gas station owners.

  2. Life that bad you have to resort to getting high. Now you got some major problems now you have to pay for all that medical.
    Drugs it gets you jail or get you dead your choice. Don't do drugs. go fishing it's the best way to relax and figure things out.

  3. when i was inside i watched a bunch of idiots smoke that crud again and again. hearing them scream their brains out or watching them go caveman when it gets on top of them is funny but watching them smoke it again after the 3rd time they spazzed out is amazing!! late at night you hear echoing down the cell block AAAAHHH MAAAMAAA AAAAHHH HELP MEEEEE PLEASE AAAAAHHHH

  4. This is the most fabricated story ever or this person was just stupid, like why would you go to spice after you've had a medical marijuana card and can get legit weed? Makes no sense to me. I'm a MMJ user in FL by the way. Spice is a well known synthetic marijuana that everyone knows not to smoke.

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