Sturgis awards two medical marijuana dispensary licenses | Local News

STURGIS — Puffy’s LLC and Northern Hills Alternative Health have been awarded provisional medical cannabis dispensary licenses from the city of Sturgis.

The Puffy’s dispensary would be located at 1337 Main Street just to the west of the Loud American Roadhouse. The Northern Hills Alternative Health location is at 2715 Lazelle at the mouth of Boulder Canyon.

The city offered two licenses for dispensaries and unlimited licenses for cannabis manufacturing and testing. They received 18 applications for the two dispensary licenses prior to the deadline on Nov. 23.

It was then the responsibility of City Finance Officer Fay Bueno to open the applications and determine if they were complete.

Upon review, four of those applications were identified as not being complete.

“They were not complete because payment was not provided for the licensing fee and because they would have required variances to complete the application process,” Sturgis City Attorney Mark Marshall said.

The remaining 14 applications were substantially complete, but all of those 14 applications had issues, Marshall said. He said they did not meet the ordinance which requires a sprinkler system, the presence of a safe, and also alarm systems.

Those are items which the council can require the applicant to provide in the near future. In the interim, the city could give the winning applicant a conditional license until those requirements could be met.

Because more than two dispensary licenses were received, a lottery was held at the Sturgis City Council meeting Monday.

The applicants and their addresses include:

• S&A Legal Roots, 1120 Main St.

• Royal Flush, 1030 Main St.

• Northern Hills Alternative Health, 2715 Lazelle St.

• Puffy’s LLC, 1337 Main St., 10 applications

• Fjelstad Professional Services, 1020 Junction Ave.

• Deja VU South Dakota LLC, True Essence LLC, Vibes LLC, Nirvana SD LLC., 1102 Junction Ave.

Prior to the meeting, each applicant was assigned a number. Those numbers were then written on a piece of paper, folded, and then taped and placed in a clear bowl.

Lance Scherer, Sponsorship Coordinator for the city of Sturgis Rally and Events Department, drew the numbers.

The numbers assigned to Puffy’s LLC were drawn seven consecutive times before the number assigned to Northern Hills Alternative Health was chosen.

Marshall had informed the council prior to the drawing that although Puffy’s submitted 10 applications, they were all tied to the same address, so only one license could be awarded to the company.

Applicants are also required to submit license applications to the South Dakota Department of Health, which will process the applications following the city’s processing. The license from the city is provisional, contingent on the applicant receiving a registration certificate from the South Dakota Department of Health.

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