1. This terrpine bs is just stupid we call it aroma kids and often the strains aroma and taste totally contradict what the terpine is weed today is a.joke everybody on earth.knows weed was better in the 90s before they overcrossed everything

  2. Very informative, thanks, I hope the "canna420highbudz" movement stop bulsshit and put the effort to work on the science, the real science, not the bro science.

  3. Thank you Dr. Jake Felice. In Ecuador, we are using cannabis for treating pain and iinsomnia. Greetings from Portoviejo city. Keep up the good work and educate us to learn to use this plant from our medical tool kit. Greetings from Ecuador

  4. Omg this is the most boring video I’ve ever watched. I understand that it’s a doctor and he’s talking about stuff but it’s very dry and bland type of video and everybody’s entitled to their own opinion before someone runs their mouth as always keyboard warriors go for it.

  5. huh. as i am watching this in 2021, it's been 2.5 years since this was posted. any updates on the change in cannabis nomenclature mentioned at 11:12? i've heard of this before, but everyone seems to still refer to sativas, indicas and ruderalis.

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