The Impermissibility of Recreational Marijuana & The Ruling on Medical Marijuana | Ask Shaykh YQ #69

Recreational Marijuana is something that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as some places have even legalized it. Is it something that is permissible …


  1. Also the case of homoeopathic medication which uses ethyl alcohol for its drugs. Noting that homoeopathic drugs have far far less side effects than other medications. Can the lesser evil rule be used in this case?

  2. Salaam walaikum everybody, during this fatwa brother yasir qahdi says cbd is not intoxicating in large quantities, why would it then be haraam for recreational use, is it not haraam to make haraam what has not been made haraam

  3. I mean many medication are addictive, harmful and replacing of our immune system. Painkillers like morphine, codeine are opioids and regularly prescribed to many Muslim patients without the ‘Halal v haram’ debate ensuing. Adderal being an amphetamine prescribed to even little children, fails to bat eyelids when it comes to legality. And don’t even get me started on depression drugs. It seems drugs coming from the pharmaceutical industry do not get scrutinised as much as other things which pervade our society

  4. I took advice from a cbd oil producer, it turns out that even with cbd oil containing 0% thc, there are still traces or a small percentage. thc is of considerable importance, because it works in synergy with the other spectra of the plant. cbd oil is most effective with a small percentage of thc. in order to remove thc from the oil, several other spectra must also be lowered, which decreases the overall performance of the product. In France, the maximum rate of thc is 0.3% I would like to take some for myself and my son because we suffer from ADHD. it is very disabling. I still hesitate between taking full spectrum oil (with a little thc) or broad spectrum ('' without '' thc)

  5. Salaams Sheikh, I have an issue with the councils saying medicinal cannabis can be used on the advice of a muslim doctor. Muslim doctor or not they are held by certain restraints .1) it is seen as alternative medicine and most doctors have an issue both for fear of criticism and their doubt in alternative. or the fact it maybe illegal. As for the alternative treatments what do you mean, those that are shown to be effective but not accepted by mainstream ie CBD with or without THC. or Radiation therapy for cancer that has over a 85% fail rate but is accepted by mainstream? With all due respect to you. You have opened many beneficial doors for the use of medicinal cannabis but closed many because of a fear that people will abuse that which is good. when it comes down to saving a life or not it needs to be made clear that use of a substance can be used with knowledge wisdom and good intention. For those that want to abuse the allowance unless made clear they should be left to Allah. To restrict a treatment that may save a life because it may or may not be open to abuse is questionable. And Allah knows best Salaams.

  6. Is marijuana that important for Muslims that they need detailed ruling on it? Now I am interested in what the council says about consuming tobacco and it’s products, which is to me, another prohibited product and being consumed in the Muslim world like any other consumer item.

  7. One of the names of Allah (swt) – الرَّحْمَنُ AR-RAHMAAN (The Beneficent). He who wills goodness and mercy for all His creatures.

    Allah is Ar-Rahmaan, The One who blesses all his creation with prosperity and devoid from disparity. He is most merciful, kind and loving towards all creation. He is all inclusive and embraces all.

  8. The problem with human mind is that it makes a person thinks he is dependant on marijuana for trivial issues to big issues where there are better solutions and other ways to go around them…

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