1. it took my depression anxiety ptsd and mood disorder away with cbd oil … i feel very good now i highly recommend it !!!! also i can concentrate better now and feel like its helping me with digestion also and if your stress out it can help you …. i call it magic oil … the dosage i use is 1mg THC – 25mg CBD …. i use it as a spray ounce a day in the morning … you can also use it twice a day one a night …. if it dosnt help you it mean you need 2 spray instead of one

  2. Hi! Good review! I bought this product in Quebec, and I don't find it flavorless. The cannabis tastes a little bit, and I noticed aromas of pepper, spices etc … It is well written on their website that it is flavorless, but I disagree.

  3. My favorite so far is the Care Oil by TGOD. The price dropped from $80 to $50 per bottle recently when Shoppers picked it up. It doesn't treat my pain but helps with mood and pain perception.
    Are you saying the whole 30 mg bottle is one dose?

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