The Ultimate Guide to Making Cannabis Oil

How to make Cannabis Oil: This comprehensive tutorial video will take you through the steps necessary to produce medicinal …


  1. the thc-a (thc-acid) is only on raw plants.. and it is not psyhoactive, by cureing or drying the thc-a will change to the psyhoactive thc.
    the best canabinoid to fight cancer is cbd.. by just takeing thc for cancer treatment, you wont get the best results. by mixing cbd and thc (or thc-a) is the best medicine you can get. thc-a is more potent for treating cancer.. if you eat the plant raw.. then it wont get you high. but still is a powerfull medicne.. but if you eat a cured bud then you get high.. and this allso is medicine. just a bit weaker..

  2. Thank you kind sir for all of your research and development we definitely need more people like you out here to pass out the good information versus the bad once again thank you

  3. New guys…….lol blender burns…it's not solvent… what percentage is your alcohol ? 99.9 isopropyl should be used , no screening was involved ? The more " plant material " the greener it will be and less potent. One wash is sufficient strain quickly . Immediately reduce ! Can all be done in a few hours .

  4. May I just say good job my friend.
    Just had equipment delivered.
    I am in lots of daily pain do mostly to spinal cord injury. I don't like smoking so I'm hoping this method will help with out affecting the lungs.

  5. Hi, greetings from Spain. I'm in charge of a small group of medical patient's and we have been using the Rick Simpson's resin for our pains,.
    A while now but using 98% corn alcohol until it gets completely evaporated. I see in your video that you are using a water still in which you put the alcohol and the remaining amount of alcohol can be reused, is it that it can be reuse for a new distillation of the cannabis to make more oil? And if so, how many times could be reused? Thanks a lot for sharing this video, it has been really helpful..

  6. Great Video, but i have a problem with math! Lets say the cannabinoid content of the Buds is 20% und after your extraction you only got 10% (10 gr. Liquid) that for me shows, you've lost a lot of Cannabinoids and terpenoids… maybe it would be more effective to use a juicer to squeeze all the alcohol from the buds? just my thoughts. Am i wrong?

  7. Also I'm currently on medical cannabis for pain an mental health I take 4mls of 1:25 CBD/THCoil full spectrum a day an 1ml of 10:10 balance full spectrum taken orally. My question is do these have similar or same effects as the oil you made in video

  8. looks like you should be using a bullet, instead of a full on blender
    I am sure someone said this already. But you didnt zero out the scale to the syringe. Thats a rookie error

    Thanks for the video, was very informative

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