UK Cannabis Representation (in tabloids/ wider media): In Conversation with Simpa Carter (Episode 7)

A conversation between Tyler Green & Simpa Carter all about cannabis’ representation in our nation’s Tabloids and the wider …


  1. Since you seem to be doing a lot of interview lately, what about the possibility that you both get a certain type of strain and then compare everything. Packaging, quality and effects to start with. Maybe at the end of these important conversations. Showing what you're talking about.

  2. the first pro cannabis campaign i became aware of was ran for a week every year for many years by "The Times" newspaper, back when it was one .great conversation thanks for your efforts.

  3. Enjoying these shows, more and more, I would encourage more people to watch this excellent intelligent view on the cannabis changing industry in the UK and catch up with 1-6 as well, please share….Win btw Gyo

  4. Really enjoying these videos lads. Very interesting for your average weed smoker to have a listen to. One QS i have is, what do you think about these companies selling weed on the clear web? You can get whatever you want delivered to your door now without the need for v.p.ns or the dark web. All done using bitcoin. How are these places not shut down by the police? Im not complaining just dont understand how they are able to operate here in the u.k. Keep up the good work!

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