Understanding CBD Oil for Pets with Nathan Richer of Natural Pet Organics #Ad

CBD oil was a hot topic at SuperZoo 2018 and I was excited to be able to chat with Nathan Richer, founder of Natural Pet Organics, about CBD oil.


  1. Hi Kimberly! I just recently found your channel! You have great info!! My doggie is 13years and may have cushings disease along with a low thyroid which she is taking meds and the thyroid levels are good. I just started her on a fresh food diet. I'm also giving her milk thistle. Do you think CBD would be ok for her to take with high liver levels and being on Thyroid meds?

  2. I'm going to order Natural Pet Organics next time (I've got it bookmarked).
    Currently we're using one that's 100mg (I didn't know as much when I ordered what we currently have).
    I like that Kimberly has seen results from this brand and thoroughly enjoyed this video.

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