1. Omg Nikki! I'm glad to see you've actually had a youtube channel all this time. Huge fan of yours ever since I started seeing your appearances in Brent Pella videos and other channels' videos and every time my comment is the same: "when is Nikki Howard gonna start her own channel because she's too funny not to have her own"

    And here I look like an idiot because I didn't see this channel this entire time the whole year.

    Looking forward to more of your skits! You're the perfect combination of beautiful and funny and your comedic timing and delivery is perfect

  2. 😂 The most accurate thing ever. I love CBD, but people be crazy….I actually read about an anti vaxxer who made her own CBD, and gave all her kids a dose every day instead of getting them vaccinated, and double dosed them when they got sick instead of getting medical treatment. DHS got involved thank goodness.

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