Weed wars: California county fights illegal marijuana – BBC News

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced prosecutors are prepared to challenge states that have legalised cannabis.


  1. Everyone in the comments is entitled to their opinion, but may be unaware of additional issues facing this region of California. These northeastern counties lead the state in opioid overdoses (percentage wise), and struggle with heroin, human trafficking and poverty disproportionately for their population. In addition, the area is struggling with less health services, migration to cities, and collapse of natural-resource dependent economies. Right now, marijuana and it’s ensuing consequences are not what northeastern California needs.

    I realize I’m late to the party, and again, not judging anyone’s opinion, but I thought it might be helpful to present my view as someone from the area.

  2. guys the idea behind these raids arent the plants but the criminal aspect of it funding criminal organizations and hurting our wildlife environment. Also CA can't tax it so that's a other plus haha

  3. What a bunch of Nazi pukes, wasting tax payers money on a plant that never killed one person! Ignorance and greed is what banned it around the world 100 year's ago

  4. All those farms may have medical license to grow but they selling it on the black market.
    Oh and all of those out of state vehicles, they are likely people that are hired to come work there. Mostly are on government aid.
    The law offensive charge on these people are to lenient, they go right back and grow

  5. Update: Sheriff Lopey read the comments and resigned from his position and the new Siskiyou County Sheriff is now the subject of a racial discrimination lawsuit for cutting off the water to and harassing the entire Asian community of Siskiyou County.

  6. Not sure why the Sheriff doesn’t know how to properly wear the American flag on his uniform but if he can’t do so he needs to remove them. What a tool.

  7. Illegal plant that Jesus Christ made in his own design….
    If your going to tow the Fundamental Christian Cop line, take it with the anchor to the bottom of the ocean where you belong…

  8. Dear all the anti-cop commenters. Its not about the marijuana itself, its about the land, destroying property and inhabiting property and land thats for EVERYONES use. Its about chemicals, lots of it, being dumped into the creeks and streams by not one grow but tons. Anyone who thinks theres so much land that these people cant be doing damage is mistaken. There are thousands of illegal grows around nor cal that are run by pure shitty people, the worst of the worst as far as criminals. They are not fun loving peaceful, land loving hippies nor the everyday marijuana user. They are run by dangerous people who many have left workers for dead or killed them themselves. There are hundreds of missing person cases just in Mendocino county alone, and as of 2020 most locals anywhere in that area no longer feel safe travelling, camping, fishing or exploring on roads they have done so their entire lives before this issue. So tell me these grows are all cool when locals cant go fishing or walking around on public land thats for everyone

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  10. I remember being a firefighter in humboldt County when I was in prison and every person in that town was so nice!!We would put out fires and dig safe lines around bushy areas and people would constantly offer us water or weed sometimes!hahah these cops need to understand that any legalized weed wipeouts the black market and therefore makes it more safer also you can get more funding$ for your department dweebs

  11. I wish u didnt have to go what i went through,growing up. Every1 hated weed snokers i went through stupid programs, only for it to be legal now, ty for wasting my life and time gov. U fckn suck

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