What Does It Take To Win? | Detroit Lions Podcast

Welcome to the Detroit Lions Podcast! So here we are, 12 weeks into the 2021 NFL season and the Detroit Lions have yet to notch a win. They’ve been close …


  1. Robert B. posted this comment to the Athletic. It deserves being repeated:

    Chuck Noll took over the Steelers in 1969, at 37 yrs old, and went 1-13. He was another very young coach with no HC experience at any level. Prior to Noll, the Steelers had 4 winning seasons in their 36 yr history (sound familiar?). Dan Rooney also took over as GM that year and they built the ‘70s Steelers together. Noll had worked for Sid Gillman on the AFL champion Chargers and Don Shula on the 1968 Colts team that went to the SB.

    Bill Parcels took over a Giants team that had gone 9-7 in their last full season and went 3-12 his first year. Another example of a young coach (42 yrs old) with only 3 yrs of NFL experience and 1 year of HC experience at the Air Force Academy (3-8). Nothing in his background screamed all time great HC.

    Way too early to judge Campbell since he’s still learning, which he openly admits, and the team’s talent is uncompetitive and riddled with injuries. This is year 1 of the Holmes/Campbell ground up rebuild. Everyone knew it was going to be ugly. The record is uglier than most expected, but the defense has somehow improved over time despite the injuries and the many mistakes appear correctable. They are developing some of the draft talent, finding some interesting players in the bargain bin and Holmes has an actual FA budget this coming offseason. Next year will be a better barometer of how this team is doing.

  2. Let's make a deal. We will stop complaining about Goff as a QB until the Lions have a roster at the beginning of 2022 with at least one WR who has a career rating in the Top 100. Josh Reynolds is Detroit's top-ranked receiver; he is ranked 113, and he arrived at mid-season. You all have been complaining about Goff's not throwing deep without ever once identifying who he is supposed to throw to.

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