1. Haven't smoked in like 5 years, always missed it. Due to my current job & DOT restrictions, I cannot smoke, at all. So this Delat8 that I've recently come across is very nice & since it's federally legal, it's DOT legal. I get my first shipment in a little under a week, can't wait to see what it does haha. I got CannaClear gummies.

  2. Indica is the downer & Sativa is the upper weed. If you already deal with depression or any type of down symptoms, INDICA IS NOT FOR YOU. SATIVA WILL UPLIFT YOUR MOOD & STAMINA. EDUCATING YOURSELF IS VERY IMPORTANT

  3. I have vaped salt nic for 3 years, but have never been a big weed smoker. Quitting nic was super fucking hard for me, then i tried Delta 8 and the nicotine cravings were nonexistent after that.

  4. Gonna buy sum edibles and carts I found near me that have D8+D9+CBG+CBD, found sum edibles with CBN+D9+CBG, n sum carts n eddies with CBC+CBG+D9+CBD. Over time I wanna try em all lol n thx for the video I had no idea how to feel bout d8 bc not as popular

  5. One reason that I love you guys so much is youre so no judgemental towards everything in your videos. You guys are always like,” to each their own, if something doesn’t work for you guys, then by all means don’t do it. But if it does then more power to ya.” I just love you both and you have one of the most chill channels on YouTube

  6. i smoked delta 9 from 15 to 20. Recently, no matter where i get it from/what strand/rather it’s indica or sativa. I either get super tired to where i’m sleeping 10 hours and still feeling drained or it makes me super anxious. Last week I smoked with my girlfriend and it made her so anxious she had a panic attack so bad she was throwing up. That’s when I decided to branch out and try Delta 8. I’m only a week in, but the changes have been so nice. I don’t get anxious, I don’t get nauseous, I don’t get tired, I just feel relaxed but also super happy. I convinced my brother and mom to try it (both heavy d9 users for 10+ years each) and they both are now making the switch as well. Plus the price difference, at least where I’m located, is huge. 7 grams of d9 = $70 where 7 grams of d8 = $35 after taxes for a mid grade hybrid or even $45 for moonrocks. For every day smokers like me, I immediately started saving a noticeable amount.

  7. I just started smoking Delta 8 because Delta 9 is and likely will stay illegal in my state. Eleven states have managed to ban it despite the 2018 Farm Bill. 😡
    I still prefer that more intense Delta 9 high but 8 does relax me and rather than cause or intensify anxiety, it alleviates it. Crazy lawmakers banning it when it contains immune boosting properties, alleviates or lessens pain, nausea & anxiety while prescription pain meds and anti-depressants come with some pretty scary side effects. For example, increased thoughts of suicide for drugs treating ppl with a Bi-polar disorder.

  8. I took two edibles 50 mg each… And had the worst night of my life. First time with delta 8, so I figured hey why not try it. Took the first one slept for like 8 min woke up didn't feel much ate another for a total of 100 mg 👎 I was high for 12 hrs and not in a good way. This is not a deterrent just a heads up gummies are different than vapes I know but understand that delta 8 can be just a potent as your loud!!

  9. What you guys said right there about the whole social distancing and anxiety about people and all that. Really makes me hate how much they have everybody programmed to want to stay away from your fellow human being

  10. Great video! My only question is when she is talking you keep waving your vape towards her?? Selling tactic maybe? But otherwise it was very informative. Thanks!

  11. You too are getting to be annoying. You’re willing to endorse any product. First of the extraction with CO2, second the additional ethanol and then the binders and polymers that are added to clarify the solution. There was no way you can lie about the expression on your face when you took the first hit. Did not look like it tasted good. Let alone the fact that you chopped the video after every time if you guys exhale those because they made you cough. You could see the redness in your face. I feel this video is misleading And is going to put money in the pockets of a larger company because they are not being regulated by the FDA with the sacrifice of clients inhaling unnecessary chemicals. Not cool

  12. My dad got a delta 8 pin last Saturday when he was drunk and didn't remember buying it lol. He found it today on his car floor board and tried it. He took three hits and got super high on his lunch break. I told him I would send him this video because he's never had delta 8

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