1. Lmao these comments are stupid as af. like yeah chocolate Is actually great for humans but I'm not going to let my dog maw a mr.big straight from my hands.

  2. My dog got into a some brownies and she was fine. If it’s marijuana your dog CAN NOT end up dead or seriously injured (don’t listen to these guys). But, Make sure to leave water and food by them for ease of access.

  3. I came on here cause my dog just ate some edibles someone please tell me what to do. She’s so out of it my dog is very energetic and she’s super out of it and I’m freaking out

  4. my dog is high all time my dog once see's me rolling she come and sit beside me hahahahah wtf are you talking about ladies if you don't like weed just don't use the dogs to show the hate hahahah

  5. When you think you what it is all about, but you have absolutely no clue. very scarce on facts, evidence, studies or other empirical facts. About the only thing that made sense is that dogs apparently have more cannabinoid receptors than humans. The rest is pure speculation and bullshit.

  6. HAHAHA dude "they become ill" they are high B. I dont think its cool when they consume alot or to blow smoke in there face. But if they are alittle high. Nd like what they are eating and it helps their pain. I believe it is okay. But these ladies know nothing about what they are talking about.

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