1. Always about race and money. Which equals power. Not the only form of power, but power nonetheless. It shouldnt matter if you're black, white, or fucking purple. If you have the skills to do something and profit honestly and morally, then who gives a shot about a brand from big corporations or skin color? Why do there have to be contracts signed for big companies only when marijuana becomes legal? Power. That's why. Control. That's why. This is also why society will NEVER change. One reason at least.

  2. Now in Oregon everyone that was deep into the black market voted no on legalization because it would ruin the market price here and float the market then the worst would be more and more rules to follow over time!

  3. I’ve said since long before NYS legalized recreational use, that I don’t see it eliminating the black market, as NYS will likely tack so many taxes onto legal weed that it will still be cheaper for many to buy it illegally. Hell, even the licensing and and inclusion for so called “equity” is a joke, as basically it allows NYS to decide who can and who can’t legally form a business growing or selling, as there will only be two groups getting the licenses, big companies that can afford whatever insane fees NYS demands (the limited medical dispensary licenses had a $10,000 non-refundable application fee, and a $200,000 license fee, but even they have another fee if they want to sell recreationally,) and those for whom they wave their fees, supposedly for equity.

  4. YOU WENT TO PRISON, FOR BREAKING THE LAW!! Doesn't matter, if it's legal now, point blank, you broke the law that was in place at the time.

  5. It's all about the Government getting it's hands in the till. From the farm to the transporters, to the retailer. Regulating. Taxing. Bank reporting. Issuing licenses. Probing everyone who applies. Zoning. All that crap. Could have been legal years ago if someone didn't say, "Wait. I think we can rake in some income for ourselves". The "legalization" may come in time, but the prices will skyrocket to appease the Governments whims.

  6. Unfortunately us South Dakota’s can’t share the same laws, our state has no media coverage on our corrupt governor from preventing us voters from having the right to have recreational, sad to say we probably won’t ever get it unless it passed federally

  7. look… heres the thing. I may be wrong but im pretty certain weed that is owned by black people probably far out weighs weed that is owned by white people so the statistics of arrests made via race is kind of a moot point. EDIT: also why does race have to be pulled into this its legalization of weed

  8. Decriminalization > Legalization
    When Cannabis was legalized in Canada it ruined it, before there were still tons of dispensaries with way more selection and for cheaper, now its all Government weed and it comes in stupid plastic packaging so you cant actually see if the batch is a good quality or not.

  9. An entre-pen .. ure (?) shouldn't need Government support, only understand how to use the system. THis is the lesson we should be taught if we want education – how to USE the system, not how the System uses us.

  10. I still think it’s funny that people actually think you get drugs online through the dark web. It’s kinda cringey honestly , I assume it’s just a cover up. 99% of people got connections , their is no real way to ever know if you’d get your drugs and almost everyone who’s bought from the dark web has been scammed , and or arrested. The FBI sets up sites on the DW.

  11. Ok, so he got busted for doing the same thing he would like his new legal business to do, which makes this kinda funny or unfair at the surface HOWEVER… he did it presumably as part of a criminal organization. Organized crime has a tendency to generate a whole lotta more crime than just it's core business model. Just sayin'…

  12. Recreational dispensaries are cool, yeah. But they’re still shady here in Illinois. NUMEROUS times I’ve had seals missing on jars, seals cracked on jars, been shorted more times than I can remember. I can call a friend who sells weed and he’ll drop it for for me along with some swishers and he’ll weigh it in front of me, not cause I asked, but cause he gets his customers right. Legal weed only attracted me due to the fact there was an abundance of products to choose from, the feeling of buying weed “legally” was cool, and I had a chance to try things I never tried. But I’m tired of paying $82 out the door for an eighth. I can afford it all day long but when it’s short or seal cracked and it’s all dry, it’s just like wtf dude.

  13. If you need a permit to have it or sell it, it’s not legal. It should be treated like someone selling tomatoes or lettuce. Not regulated to artificially inflate price, and create needless hurdles to be allow legal use or growth. Look at Vegas, it recreationally legal. But you can grow it, you are obligated to buy from a store if it’s be is within 20miles of you. No grow for you. It’s about money, and criminalizing those that want to avoid the made up fees.

  14. I voted no in Michigan because the rich corporations were gonna step in and they did but I think the blackmarket still strong I don’t see many recreational dispensary years later

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