Will CBD Cause me to Lose my Gun Rights?

Today’s question: Do over-the-counter CBD products cause you to lose your gun rights? What about Delta-8? Marijuana? Can you lose your right to purchase …


  1. Last time I bought a gun, (2019) the 4473 specified even if you have a prescription for medical weed or it’s been legalized for recreational use by your state, it’s still against federal law and a yes answer on that question means no gun for you. I would consider anything cannabis related (gummies) as a practical yes. Keep away from the wacky tobbaccee and anything made from it if the 2A is important to you. Weed will never be legalized at the federal level because it’s one way the govt can keep you disarmed.

  2. So the question that pops for me, after this episode…. Who Trumps who? Because Texas State Law says we are a 2A sanctuary state, and Federal attempts to edge this out are not accepted… I feel we are getting closer and closer to another Tea Party nationally, due to the constitutional infringement on behalf of the Fed. And that we will see Several States such as Texas, depart from the Idiocy that is Washington DC in the not to distant future. I would truly like to understand how to circumvent this Idiocy and try to push for logical fences. I have so many concerns it is impossible to voice them all in such a forum….

  3. How is a right a right if you can lose it? A RIGHT CANT BE GRANTED OR TAKEN.
    You can be a pu$$y and choose not to exercise it but you can't loose a right.

  4. Here's the problem I have….you're lawyers….we have completely lost out Constitution BECAUSE Of lawyers. The US Constitution needs NO interpretation…it is clear and concise on it's own. lawyers have turned it into a circus. That said….please display to me where it says "except for" in the second amendment. And don't even try to give me the all rights have limitations….that's a complete lie. RIGHT MEANS NO RESTRICTIONS! The second amendment is absolutely clear. There are NO age limits, no requirements, no restrictions. THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED cannot be argued PERIOD! You can only LOSE your rights with good reason aka DUE PROCESS. As stated clearly in article 6, NO law or constitution in any state to the contrary is with standing. ALL arms laws are completely unconstitutional. ALL!!! YOUR job as officers of the court are force the judges to adhere to their oath of office and support the Constitution in every way, shape and form. LL of this unlawful incarcerations and abuses of rights would go away instantly if the Constitution was adhered to. soctus has RULED on this inappropriately over and over. THEY HAVE NO JURISDICTION OVER THE CONSTITUTION UNLESS THERE IS LAW MADE THAT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! People are finally waking up and seeing LAWYERS ARE the problem. We will never have freedom n our country until we get rid of idealistic judges and the lawyers that prompt them. I believe it will happen one day….and it won't be a good day for lawyers…the old adage that the pen is mightier than the sword has been proven over and over not to be true….it's only temporary…the sword eventually wins

  5. They say it doesn’t make you high( .3% type) ha ha ha ..
    From what I have seen ( FRIENDS ONLY OF COURSE) the following occurs if using high quality hemp oil CBD you can buy in stores or online…

    Music starts sounding extremely good, you notice things you didn’t before, songs go on for ever …
    Pink Floyd makes a lot More sense , now.
    The TV is talking but you have a hard time understanding what they are saying..it becomes chatter …….. mindless chatter .
    You loose the ability to solve complex problems…
    Your slow to react to people asking questions.
    Moving lights are cool to sit and stare at…
    After about an hour or two you will eat everything in the refrigerator..everything !
    Then you will wanna crash …………zzzzzz

    Is a person high ? … I don’t know …. You be the judge…!!

    Uhhhh…. Man, like, WOW , a whole chocolate cake …………..

  6. Man this info is scary. My knee hurts so bad sometimes and CBD helps immediately and I don't have to worry about wrecking my liver with NSAIDs. I buy lab tested products but still what if makes me rethink that therapy.

  7. I like this channel as a new gun owner.. but I'm a new Yorker and don't appreciate the division being pushed by this channel.. it's always one State vs the next here.

  8. I like this channel as a new gun owner.. but I'm a new Yorker and don't appreciate the division being pushed by this channel.. it's always one State vs the next here.

  9. Hunter Biden, the Presidents son, falsely answered the question on the 4473 about being an unlawful user of marijuana and checked "NO". He was using marijuana at the time of a firearm purchase. I'm just waiting for him to be prosecuted for lying on the form 4473. When do you think that will happen? Oh, that's right, he's immune from prosecution because he's the presidents son.

  10. Check out hemp based cbd. Thc is nill. Hemp has been genetically modified to produce less than .002% thc.
    I was told if it was cbd from a marijuana it was a problem.
    I took a reputable hemp based cbd for a while. Was drug tested frequently for work. No issue with positive tests. You have to be very careful which ones you use.
    Thank you both for clarifying

  11. I waited until Oklahoma passed constitutional carry before I got my omma card. Not sure if I needed to, just did. While getting divorced I was ordered to take ua‘s and it was held against me even though I have the card. So when it comes to guns? Who knows?

  12. There are MANY prescription drugs that are significantly more impairing than weed. I wonder if these are considered! HELL NO! It's all political, driven by the bible thumpers and their hysteria over the devil weed!

  13. No only God can deny you that the sooner people realize this the better off we will be. And a government agency trying to strip away rights sound like traitors to this country to me. Hey Joe I ran out of toilet paper can you rip me off a piece of the constitution? Sure how is the second amendment perfect.

  14. I've never heard of a self- defense shooting where the police requested a drug test. If they smell alcohol, I'm sure they would try to at least get a BAC. But they would have to have some reason to request a drug test and I'm not aware of any law that requires one to give that kind of evidence without a warrant. You agree to give a sample if requested for a traffic investigation, but they must have probable cause (like a failed field sobriety test).

    I'm unsure when this would become an issue. Have either of you ever had a client who has been required to give a drug testing sample when police investigated their self defense shooting?

  15. A buddy of mine was complaining of joint pain. I suggested he try CBD products. He's a licensed aircraft mechanic for a major airline, so he is subject to random drug testing. He didn't want to take a chance on testing positive.

  16. 20-30 drug tests a year for work – using federal guidelines and I wouldn't even touch a CDB product – even if it came with a piece of paper saying it was tested – it just isn't worth it.

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