1. Imagine going to jail for weed, I really regret going to these states at all for any reason.. their marijuana laws are so primitive it's quite comical, i mean, it's 2018… are you fucking kidding me?

  2. Sure there are a lot of classy cool folks and medical users that need it. But there are also a lot of slackers, people who go too far say they're hippies, but leave their trash everywhere. I like smoking it, and am one of the responsible bill paying child rearing parents who have ALWAYS smoked. But have seen many that cannot maintain.

  3. Man its 2018, Florida needs to get with the program. Colorado, and California alone proved that Marijuana legalization has shown to be quit profitable. All the tax revenue could help make Florida better. Fix the roads, speed up the I4 project, fund education, plant trees, clean the beaches and cities. Relax on my day off after working 40-50+ hours a week with a little herb. Keeping marijuana illegal is only holding Florida back while local illegal dealers profit.

  4. these other magistrate judges nothing but medical malpractice malicious prosecution perjury lying on the bible etc committing pussy muthafuckas especially when it's unconstitutional these pussy muthafuckas careers not only ending worse than micheal jacksons doctor but dying worse than jacob rothschild soft pussy muthafucking ass in that plane crash

  5. Hops doesn't get this much regulation, if you want to grow it no one will stop you but this plant which hurts no one needs more regulation than other states for no reason, california and colorado may as well just be on mars to these politicians instead of great examples of a new industry.

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