Al Harrington: They Used Cannabis to Lock Us Up | I AM ATHLETE with Brandon Marshall and More



  1. Brandon good show. It is still missing the ingredient of Fred and Channing. Shout out to Channing for being the man he is and apologizing for his comment about Dion Sanders not being able to recruit and offer what power5 schools offer. I respect you Channing. Let’s get Dion back with the fellas to talk about it. Can we have Chef Nancie do guest appearances from time to time. Brandon let’s work out the agreements. Miss freaky Fred and Channing candor. C’mon bro!!!

  2. Mrs Tremitiere is a legend in our city York pa 💪🏽 I remember she used to always talk with me and tell me good things to keep me on the right track. We love you.

  3. I been through the comments section and one or two comments about the title . As a former convict and other's who have locked up for years the question should be brought up all weed charges on any body record should be esponged . Instead the higher ups just got people all high as a bird.

    And it is true, what one of the guest said. Sounds all exciting about trying establish your biz with unlegalizing weed but they have so much legal bullshit laws with twist and turns such as getting a pardon $$$$ and other stuff . It's regulated all right and i who the higher ups are giving the contracts to .

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