Best Way To Farm Hemp & Make Easy Gold In New World (1200g Per Hour Guide)

So you want to make Gold in New World? It’s easy if you know the best farming spots! In this New World guide I will show you the …


  1. You need to be careful neer the farmhouse with all the hemp, lots of players fishing in that area and they tend to farm that area of hemp also. But good route, nice map!!!

  2. I've been harvesting Bullrush in Weavers Fen. Can harvest about 1,000 per hour, thats usually about 1,000 to 2,000 Bulrush Cob that can sell anywhere from 0.50 to 1.00 on my server and you also get Firefly bait, about 500 to 600 selling anywhere from 0.50 to 1.00. On average when i do it its about the same, Average 1,500 to at most ive had 2,500 all sell for an hours work. the best part is, theres so much you dont need to run, and its fast respawn.

  3. oh no, now there will be even more people on this fiber far ing route 😀
    shadowcloth sells for 0,29 and fiber for 0,08 on my server. Not that much

  4. Its funny cuz i accidentally found this place yesterday. After farming a little bit opened up youtube and BAAAM. "how to make gold by selling fibers". Lol thank you.

  5. Valuable stuff here, giving tips just on his approach of how he tackles areas in a circle pattern is solid no wasted movement yadda yadda, genius mate…my question is do people believe or think about how u are giving info like this or strategies such as these that could drastically drop price rates or increase people in these areas lol. Frankly I think its all trivial and that regardless of what people do or info they give out. Enjoy the game for what it is, dissecting something you are passionate about only takes away its soul, log in, listen to the sounds of the water and how the sun cascades off the waterfalls whilst observing the living creatures roaming about lol. Fill up your time with fun, once it become a chore, start thinking its a labor of love hahah

  6. You guys have seriosly that price for hemp on your serwer? On my server Ekera its like 0.8 and that huge difference. I see a lot of clips like this and they always have prices like x2 or x3 more that on ekera

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