Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

Wake & Bake America 1232 – The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out To Wake & Bake And Talk About What Coincidences …


  1. I had quit smoking cigarettes after i bought a pack of hemp cigarettes. Im sure it wasn't maybe the very best quality stuff being prepackaged for a hemp shop, but it did end up making it easy for me to quit. By the time i was on the second pack i gave up the cigs. seemed to work like a charm for me. I have had a cigarette a few times a year since then at parties or when I was out with friends, but i didn't even seem to enjoy it anymore.

  2. Wellbutrin Is both an antidepressant and to help quit smoking. Dr just tried to give me that and chantix. When the pharmacist said it was recalled I said no thanks lol

  3. Does Scotty not know he has ADHD?! The interrupting people, forgetting peoples names, getting bored easily…. Classic ADHD symptoms that I struggle with too! They can’t be helped most of the time.

  4. GMO also made it so 93% of tomatoes bought in stores lack the DNA to produce flavor. So while science has great intentions, sometime they mess up. Eat a homegrown heirloom tomato, then eat a store bought.

  5. what is a discount code for rechage. please include them in your bio of the video next time. shout outs are easyier to find than the promo code. was at chechout screen and could not find code so im going to hold off on ordering

  6. Okay now I feel like I should be clear I get high an try to just have a good time an act nuts . But I don't want any confusion Scottie is a great guy a little bit over the top but I love you brother don't worry about what people say hater's are everywhere keep up the good work

  7. Just being aware of ourselves and trying to become better interviewers is the least we can do, right? That Tommy Chong interview is big business man. Really looking forward to it.

  8. Scotty you are amazing, you just can't stay on topic, you speak on several topics real fast and then you pick one of those topics you just threw out there, that wasn't even the main topic of conversation at that point in time… that's all brother other than that you are the shit!!!❤💯💯💯

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