Cannabis and Kidney Disease Latest Research CBD | Marijuana And Kidney Disease | Helpful Or Not CKD?

Cannabis and kidney disease have been a hot topic for most kidney disease patients. In most cases, Cannabis usually does not …


  1. Hi, I come across your video and thank you for the information. I have a 14-year-old king Charles spaniel, and she was diagnosed with kidney failure at early May and heart disease with her valve in September in 2019. I have been giving her fluid by needles (260 c.c. per day) and pills to help decrease phosphorus in the body. She was hospitalised for five days and I have been watching her daily condition; everything has seem to be improving, but today she shows weakness and continuous tremors. I don't know what went wrong. The last blood check showed CREA1.5mg/BUN 33mg(June 8th) BTW, she is given 2 egg white per week and small amounts of pork loin per day, heart cardiac pellets and iron supplement.

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