Dead At 23: How River Phoenix's Life Was Cut Short | Our History

Drama documentary using forensic analysis of River Phoenix’s autopsy by Dr Richard Shepherd, to reconstruct the last days of his …


  1. so tragic, and I wonder how much of his past affected him and led him down the drug route – RIP River, you made such and impact in your short life on this earth

  2. This absolutely devastates me
    Whilst away in the 6weeks prior he told someone he was dreading going back to LA as he felt it was a bad place and encouraged his addiction. Please stay safe out there guys

  3. Joaquin is very strong over the years. He had to call 911 as his brother was having a seizure in front of Johnny Depp’s club and Dedicated acting to his brother and now he’s one of the greatest actors of the 21st century.

  4. So essentially River Phoenix was a HYPOCRITE who KILLED HIMSELF by OVER INDULGING in that which he claimed that he did not indulge in. Just another DRUG ADDICT WHO OVERDOSED ON HIS FAVORITE DRUG.

  5. I feel like we didnt need the celebrity coroner… "with just this autopsy report, I can figure out exactly what killed him." Right…. presumably anybody could if the report were already done.

  6. This was so tragic,I loved him as an actor. I don't condone recreational drugs, but that was what the people were doing to party. I've known many drug users, the ones that survived either quit or they are informed of what and how they take drugs. You can't trust the drugs other people offer you or sell you. It's really sad.

  7. Died too soon that's for sure & I'd say way back then, some folks didn't know the effects of some of those drugs or what cud happen mixing them or I'm sure he'd still be here. RIP River

  8. River was right handed. He used his left in that after school special about dyslexia so he could illustrate the difficulty his character had with writing. A genius artist at 11 years old.

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