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Marijuana wax is all the rage in the stoner community because it produces a faster, stronger high. But what is it exactly? Find out …


  1. As a fact : from exp and R&D wax as a whole can induce a shroom like affect, on the other hand this may last from 10 mins to 4 hours dependent on what and how you use it, where as if your temps arnt controlled and a slight spark travels (may even be static) you will go boom

  2. this is a total hit piece. ii have been doing cannabis extraction in one form or another since i was in my late teens , thats not to say theres no wrong way there is . if one is using butaine it would bewhothe them not do it in doors . and make sure no open flames in the remote vacinity, its really common sence. fear is not the way to keep people from doing stupid shit .education is the answer to this problem . see when properly educated one would not encounter chance for explosion due to the fact when doing these things properly there are steps and one doesnt create short cuts to proper steps if one has integrety and honor . or just wants to be successful. see at the end of the day its just chemistry and biology. stupid people have always demonized what they either cant do them selves or have intyrest but dont understand . so mature people be patient with the idiots theres alot of them………inn places that idiots should not be . ever …..

  3. Wax 80% THC and it gets you 20% higher for about a week or two until your tolerance builds up to the point where you start feeling nothing from the dabs and regular bud stops working on you too! ONLY CHOICE : DeTox for a few until bud starts working on you again.

  4. Not only is the research clearly shit but you can’t even string statistics together. Comparing the highest price of one area to the starting price of another area doesn’t give you anything to compare. When I saw the vid was under 3 minutes I thought nah, no way you can properly and thoroughly explain wax in that time. I was right.

  5. Wax here in Colorado you can get for $20 out the door. Really good quality wax and shatter too. Now the live resins usually start at $25 and get up to $70 per gram. Rosin is at least $70 out the door anywhere you go. Maybe it's just me but I think it's pretty ridiculous paying over $20 to $25 for a gram of anything. The dispensaries have had their chance to make their millions so now they should quit being like big pharma and drop their prices a bit. And the states really need to take a break on the taxing. Oh…..my……God the MMJ tax in Colorado is INSANITY at it's core. So yeah everybody that wanted to move to Colorado because of the marijuana, just know you're going to be paying 30% in taxes on every purchase LOL. I just can't wait until they legalize it federally and then we get to pay a whole new tax bracket on top of what we already pay lol. God bless America. Uncle Sam is giving Mary Jane a purple nurple for sure.

  6. Information no doubt but blasting is not the only way and definitely not safe, several other methods of making wax this video is not quote everything you need to know about wax!

  7. Love this i do of caurse they dnt want ya makeing own 70 a pop I dnt blame them, but real talk guys be careful I dnt teach any one tbf its not worth there death or burned body on my head,

  8. The amount of bullshit in this video is hilarious. Thanks for making something like butter or wax look like fucking crack or coke to those who have no fucking idea what you are talking about. Do some research first before you post shit you obviously don't know fuck all about.

    1: Cannabis can only cause psychosis in people susceptible to it in the first place. E.G. People with a SMI "Serious Mental Illness'' or people with substance abuse problems, these are people that will likely misuse cannabis and hurt themselves.

    2: Wax and Shatter/Butter etc. They aren't just made from shitty butane extractions, you can make them from solventless extractions so you don't have to poison your body with disgusting butane which causes a benzene ring to form in the extraction process which can cause cancer.

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