FIRST DAY OF SUMMER SCHOOL! // Special Needs // 2 Seizures

Raelynn started summer school today, and she seemed to really like her first day! She did have two seizures later in the day.


  1. I have convulsive seizures but they don't usually last as long as Raelynn's, but I get nausea, migraines and sometimes can't talk right and things don't make sense after some of them like I'm completely out of it and will sometimes throw up during the seizure or after and can't breathe to the point I'm gasping for air, I throw my oxygen concentrator on and put it up to 93% oxygen and have the mask on my face for a little bit and then I can breathe better. I bought an oxygen concentrator on Amazon because of my severe asthma and COPD there are times that I need oxygen, it helps big time when I sleep. I thank God everyday for the stimulus check that helped me to afford it. I have been fighting 9 years for my SSI and I have a SSI trial in August I'm praying i finally get it. I'm getting a power wheelchair in 2 months 💪 God bless you. I love your videos

  2. Mariah and I have made 18 vids ready for youtube however,Mariah and I have yet to convince Donald/leagal gaurdian,to allow Mariah on youtube,Mariah,will eventualy win!ha ha.All vids are inclusive of epilepsy and tourettes syndrome,distonia is not included because distonia is in most cases,curable.All vids are of chaos and comedy super wild with backround seperate occurance of many things going on at once,also some vids are pg13 because tourettes/seizers will be part of content,and when Mariah hears a cuss word,she adopts that imeadiatly with her tourettes.Donald has participated in some of the vids,so he knows Mariahs creativity is very funny and also on the edgy side.It was really funny watching TSA,when Mariah walked through the metal detector in LA airport,so she has some metal in her…will you skin her alive to remove her metal!?ha ha.They didnt delay us too much.

  3. Keep a pray IN your ❤ DAY will CALL IF there IS a DAY will keep eye ON HER IF SHE will have a seziure DAY NEED TO check HER diaper IF SHE NEED HER diaper change emergency IF SHE HAVE a seziure IN THE SCHOOL

  4. Im not sure if i should share a dream of Jesus i had a few days ago,as unsure i am,their is a force that makes me share a dream i had=For it is my will for your will my child,I see you before birth,and now,and your future,for i have made you like me,I give time for you,so you will see love,I made space and stars so you will cry in joy,I have made you so you will cry in joy.

  5. Yeah,am busy with my cuety,your vids are so inspiring to my girl and me,such amazing faith and knowings,Christopher and Abby,you bless me and Mariah every time,from Korea and Christians here,God bless,keep the good fight as i and many and korea know you will=Rayland and Abby an Christo,im fine,jus keep love with my girl like you do❤❤❤👭she is my freind and i love all of you

  6. For you tell trueth fellow of wish that is mine,and in myself from lord and fellow one of lord my god,my spirit,thank you for how you and I become in love,and that indeed we perform in true love of our lord,wow,didnt know i would be blessed by brother,now too are here,in the name of our lord,Heaven for us and all whom choose lord/love,as our child too🎸❤🦼🕶🎥🥁very love to you,yours and super cuety👨‍👩‍👧‍👦also,jesus just showing part so far,is that love freind,that is our lord!,The father of ours,The son that is ours if will…

  7. I know how you feel because I’m going through it too with my mom my mom is very Confused She is Really Starting to show signs of Dementia it is getting she was looking for my sister Linda and my brother Timmy my twin Sister Jennifer Told me today

  8. Pretty dress, Raelynn looked very summery 🌞her smiles did too. I’m sure the first day must feel extra scary, but it’s so good Raelynn can go to school, and it went well 🥰 Sorry she had seizures afterward, hope she’s resting well now 💗I just checked and see a tubebuddy app for mobile devices, I’ll take a look at it👍

  9. Aw glad she was smiley 2day. Sendin love & hugz x am restin 2day as had 2 go hozy y’day afta 2 bad seizures in te lfc store i cant rememba wot happend. Had 2 be told wot happend. I sed thx 2 them 4 lukin afta me till ambo cam.

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