1. Hi,my name is Tessy and am from Sweden. am in desperate need of Hemp oil, but i don t know how to get hold of it. can you please help. will be gréatfull. take care

  2. what is the hemp oil good 4 I used that follicure years ago it damaged my scalp the spots where I applied that crap my hair wont hold moister so rough and dry but the amla and aloe juice mix seem like it help with the drying even applied henna gloss no gloss until I used the amla and juice every body be aware of that crap come n a white bottle from sally's .

  3. thanks the hemp seed oil mix with coconut oil , castor oil, keracare oil made a mistake n feel a sleep so it stay on 9hr but it still left my hair really moist after rnise with water before n after shampoo thanks will kept using

  4. Hey I love your vids but for some reason the videos you do the quality is not very good but if you show still pics at the end the quality is much better. Not sure if you noticed or not. Just fyi 🙂

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