Is Flower from Top Shelf Hemp Co Really Top Shelf? | CBD Hemp Flower Review

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  1. Great feed back , I agree you say it's top shelf it better be then. Always good content!!
    Surprised that Bubba smells like an OG I got an Oz of Bubba from Arete and it was actually very close to its the counterpart in overall smell and looks, never had a Bubba smell like OG and I'm originally from SFV so you know we get that true OG in the valley. Waiting for somebody to bring out some Fire OG hemp, the Cali connection seeds got a high CBD strain but no reviews yet on that gear.

  2. You da best cbd flower reviewer of all times. I almost feel like i’m experiencing cloud with you. Another cat I like, is Red bench reviewer! Y’all two are mad thorough. I appreciate Y’all immensely.

  3. Nice video! I've had a 2020 batch of Hawaiian Haze last year lol and it smelled just like you described that one. I never smelled anything like it. I figured that BBQ smokey smell must have came from a Forrest fire in the area. It has a very distinct smokey smell

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